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    Because the Chevy Aveo5 doesn't suck enough as is...

    Click above for more customized Chevy Aveo5
    var digg_url = ''; Water's wet, fire burns, and the Chevy Aveo5 sucks. Drivers in the Middle East who voluntarily subject themselves to this tragedy now have a way to ensure that onlookers ...

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    Ferrari Enzo in taxi livery found where else? The Middle East...

    Click above for a larger image of the Enzo cab
    This little gem in Muscat, Oman represents what you do when you have bodacious sums of money and time. Now we're all for having a little fun, but we're talking about an Enzo, which, while not the prettiest of Ferraris, still doesn't deserve to endure ...

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    Kuwait orders 150 Dodge Charger police cars

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Kuwaiti cop-issue ChargersChoosing them for their portrayed image of "strength and power," officials in Kuwait have ordered 150 Dodge Chargers to be modified as police vehicles. As the Charger is the leading volume vehicle for Chrysler LLC in the Middle East, ...

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    VIDEO: How to do a U-Turn, Dubai style

    Click above to view video after the jumpJust in time for the Olympics, we have this entrant from Dubai who apparently didn't make the team for the U-turn competition was left at home to practice his talent in the streets. In diving across four lanes of traffic from a dedicated right turn lane, he ...

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    Toyota to start exporting U.S.-built SUVs and minivans

    What's built in the States, stays in the States. At least that is how it used to be with one of the world's largest automaker. (The one exception is the Toyota Avalon sedan -- exported to the Middle East last year.) Toyota has now announced that it will ramp up U.S. vehicle production in Indiana ...

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    Holden recalls 86,000 Zetas equipped with V6

    GM's Australian subsidiary Holden has recalled 86,000 rear-wheel-drive Zeta cars with the V6 engine to correct a potential fuel leak that could lead to fires. The CNN Money article says that the recall doesn't impact the Pontiac G8, GM's North American Zeta variant, because that car's underhood ...

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    Cadillac SLS sneaks closer to US market, sorta

    Click image for 2 new SLS photosBack when Cadillac dropped the long-wheelbase SLS on the Beijing motor show, we were all incredulous. How could Cadillac deny us the 4-inch longer STS variant (with an improved interior, too)when other stretched luxury sedans garner sales here. Now, the car will be ...

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    Only in Dubai: Corvette fire fighter

    var digg_url = ''; Dubai is fast gaining a reputation as the "Vegas of the Middle East" because of its impressive rate of development and sometimes crazy amounts of money thrown at government projects. This time, the ...


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