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    Transforgasm: Michael Bay releases high-res art of eight Transformers

    click above image to view all eight Transformers character designsSigh... our obsession, everyone's obsession even, with the upcoming Transformers film is continuing to build. We know, we're even irritating ourselves a bit, but you can't avert your from these high-resolution character designs for ...

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    Phew! Optimus Prime does not have lips

    click above image for new shots from the Transformers movieAs excited as we all are for the release of the new Transformers movie on July 4th, the Autobot faithful are at the same time extremely nervous about what director Michael Bay will do with their beloved franchise of alien robots. We ...

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    GM officially forms "Power Partnership" with Transformers

    click above image to view high-resolution pics of the entire GM cast of charactersDuring its sixth-annual "ten" pre-Oscar gala last night, General Motors made official what everyone already knew: it's going to be in the live-action Transformers film this summer. They had on hand some of the four ...

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    Japan-only Transformers trailer shows new clips

    We've had a lot of posts about the upcoming Transformers movie and some may be getting sick of it, so feel free to skip this one if that describes you. Good, now that we got rid of the lightweights, here are a few more clips from the movie via Jalopnik, YouTube, and Japan-only media outlets. ...

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    New Transformers trailer! See Camaro and Optimus Prime

    We auto enthusiasts have an obsession with the upcoming Michael Bay bonanza that is Transformers, the live action film. The first trailer for the movie that opens in July didn't show much, in fact all we got was the sillouhette of a Decepticon on the planet Mars about to snuff out the life of a ...

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    College kids think they can do Transformers better than Bay

    UPDATE: Click on the blank white space to playWe've reported on the new Transformers movie on at least one occasion already, but couldn't resist passing this bit on to all of you. Some enterprising college students couldn't wait for the Michael Bay movie to hit theaters so they did the next best ...

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    Transformers Update: Jazz will be played by a Pontiac Solstice

    UPDATE 1: new pic added of Solstice JazzLooks like Autobot member Jazz will be joining Bumblebee in getting a new set of car clothes to wear in the upcoming Transformers film directed by Michael Bay. Several sources are confirming that Jazz, traditionally shown as a Martini Porsche 935 Turbo race ...

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    Transformers trailer online

    Michael Bay has quietly uploaded the first trailer to his upcoming live-action movie Transformers, and it gives us our first real glimpse at how he's handling the franchise. We won't spoil the trailer for you by saying what happens, but if you're expecting to see a Chevy Camaro Concept transform in ...

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    Bumblebee transforming on the Transformers set

    AutoblogSpanish stumbled upon a pic of Bumblebee on the set of the upcoming Transformers movie being directed by Michael Bay. We've seen pics before of the Chevy Camaro Concept wearing a Bumblebee paint job, but this is the first glimpse of the car in partial transformation. While not too much can ...


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