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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 17

    Welcome to the Series Finale of Knight Rider. No, that's not official, but it may as well be. Counseling will be made available to those in denial. Okay, it won't. Part of me might actually miss Knight Rider, because making fun of it has been such a blast. Nevertheless, it's over. I probably should ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 16

    And tonight, we arrive at "Knight and the City", the penultimate episode of Knight Rider, Season 1 (and only). Tonight, KITT turbo boosts and barfly Mike helps out the Random Babe of the Week. At least that's what the teaser at the end of last week's Knight Rider/Access Hollywood crossover episode ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 15

    Last week, Mike broke all the rules of Fight Club and solved The Mystery of Dead Tiki Barber. Then KITT yelled like a drill instructor in the final moments of the show. It was as cringe-inducing as it sounds. Anyway, the post-reboot skinny on Knight Rider is this: it has gone from being hilariously ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 14

    Tonight on Knight Rider, the writers' wheel of movie plots to rip off lands on Fight Club. In "Fight Knight," Tiki Barber guest stars as a dead drill sergeant, there's no soap made from human fat, and you won't need to worry about subliminal porn images being edited in -- just promos for Heroes and ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 12

    Last week, we learned that Carrie's survived the massive explosion, that her dad is Shaft, and that she's not good to go for field ops any more. Exit Carrie. Then, later, Bruce Davison bought the farm in an offscreen plane crash . This would appear to leave the option open for him to pull a Tony ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 10

    Okay. The "reboot" begins tonight, with "Don't Stop the Knight"MIKE AND KITT TRY TO RESCUE A KIDNAPPED FOREIGN AMBASSADOR FROM A TERRORIST IN TIME FOR PEACE TALKS--Mike (Justin Bruening) and KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) are sent on an endless string of mini-missions by a crazy terrorist in exchange ...

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    Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 9

    And... after a lengthy hiatus, we're back. New Year's Eve marks the return of Knight Rider. It's the 9th episode, there are nine episodes left, and in a few hours we all ring in 2009. Huzzah.Knight Rider's New Year's resolution is to not suck as much, so starting with next week's episode, they're ...

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    Knight Rider premiere pulls 4.9/10 Nielsen rating

    The series premiere of Knight Rider on NBC last night pulled a 4.9/10 Nielsen rating in its 8PM time slot, which, according to, isn't exactly a stellar score for a series opener. In other words, Nielsen is estimating that 4.9% of all TV households were watching Knight Rider last ...

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    Knight Rider premiere LIVEBLOG tonight at 8PM EST!

    Autoblogger Alex Nunez has been in a self-imposed Knight Rider cone of silence despite the series premiere being released online last week. He'll be liveblogging the episode's broadcast premiere on NBC tonight at 8PM EST right here on Autoblog, just like he did for the made-for-TV movie that aired ...

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    The thinking (or lack thereof) behind KITT F-150

    Click above for high-res pic of the actual KITT F-150Mike Levine from recently spoke with Knight Rider Executive Producer Gary Scott Thompson and got the skinny on KITT's new ability to transform himself (seriously, I just called it a "him") from a 2008 Shelby GT500KR to a 2009 ...

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    The experts at TV Squad weigh in on Knight Rider

    click above to watch the Knight Rider movieI did not watch the Knight Rider made-for-TV movie last night. Instead, I checked out Alex's liveblog during the show, which took less time to get through and, from what I've been told, was a lot more entertaining. I have KITT's return to the small screen ...

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    Knight Rider promotion shifts into high gear

    click above for more new high-res images of KITTAs we all know, Knight Rider will be returning to television this Sunday at 9PM EST on NBC. The new Michael Knight played by Justin Bruening and his car companion KITT, voiced by Val Kilmer, made an appearance on the Today Show this morning ...

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    VIDEO: Another new Knight Rider spot highlights shape-shifting KITT

    click above to view the newest Knight Rider commercialThe latest television commercial for the upcoming Knight Rider movie that airs this Sunday on NBC plays like an ad for KITT is parallel parked on a city street while a trigger happy nuevo Michael Knight gets busy with the key fob, ...

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    VIDEO: NBC releases 2-minute Knight Rider preview

    click above image to view 2-minute Knight Rider preview videoWe've claimed from the beginning that the new Knight Rider TV series is going to suck, and while we still believe that this is a not brand that'll hold up well to being updated, a new commercial on NBC at least gives us hope. Being nearly ...

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    K.I.T.T. to trade Pontiac badge for a Mustang pony?

    Photo from Jay Ohrberg's Hollywood Cars. Click for more photos of the car on that Web site. var digg_url = ''; So say our colleagues over at Jalopnik who quote their "validated connection" at an L.A. special effects ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: KITT up for sale

    This is a picture-perfect reproduction of the Knight Industries 2000. Unfortunately, after all that money and man-hours, the gooey center is still an '80s F-Body. Canadian seller zapper80 has done an awesome job putting this car together, and claims a cost of over $40,000 CDN. Zapper80 cites ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: The Hoff's 911T

    Look what Autoblog fan Omar found for us on eBay. What appears to be just another 1970 Porsche 911 T is, in fact, the closest many of us would ever get to being near Michael Knight and Mitch Buchanan. That's right, this rare sunroof 4-speed car once belonged to DAVID HASSELHOFF! And the seller ...

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    Could the next KITT be a Koenigsegg?

    Who knows? This is just a photochop knock off that proves KITT would look quite fetching as a Swedish supercar in the upcoming 2008 movie version of the famed TV show that starred David "Jump in My Car" Hasselhoff, a.k.a. the Hoff, as Michael Knight. Since the Pontiac Firebird is no more, the role ...

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    Knight Rider to hit the silver screen

    Pull out your acid wash jeans and perm that hair, boys and girls, the '80s are back in action. Reuters reports that a celluloid version of Knight Rider will begin production next year, brought to you by Weinstein Co. and original series creator/writer Glen Larson. Nevermind the fact that there's ...


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