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michael keaton

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    Video: Need For Speed gets the full-length trailer treatment

    Does there need to be a Need For Speed movie? Isn't the video game franchise enough? We would submit, no and yes, respectively and respectfully. Need doesn't enter in to the equation however, and it seems as though Hollywood believes that its high time The Fast and the Furious stopped hogging all ...

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    Official: Need for Speed movie casts Mustang in hero car role [w/video]

    Dreamworks Studios, Electronic Arts and Ford Motor Company announced today that the Ford Mustang will play the lead hero car role in the upcoming Need for Speed movie, slated to hit theaters next February. Of course, the Mustang didn't audition for the role like we imagine the film's star, Aaron ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Original Michael Keaton Batmobile

    Tim Burton's Batman Returns Batmobile – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Time is running out if you want a shot at bringing home a slice of caped-crusader history. One of the three original Batmobiles from Tim Burton's Batman Returns is officially up for auction, and the bidding wraps ...


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