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    China's SAIC to revive historic Longbridge UK plant

    MG's former Longbridge, UK headquarters has been pretty quiet since production ceased in 2005. Newly-merged owners SAIC and Nanjing want the clatter of carbuilding to once again echo through the plant and plan to base their European and overseas operations there. The plant itself has the ...

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    SAIC buys Nanjing, finally gets MG

    The twisted saga of MG's resurrection from the ashes at the hands of Chinese automakers has come full circle. Last year both SAIC Motor Corp. and Nanjing Automobile Corp. fought tooth and nail for the right to build MGs in England, and Nanjing, the smaller of the two automakers by far, won. Since ...

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    SAIC and Nanjing merge to form mega Chinese auto group

    Industry analysts widely agree that one of the principal factors preventing Chinese automakers from succeeding outside of China is the local industry's fragmentation, with over 100 automakers vying for their slice of the proverbial pie. However, a merger announced Wednesday between two major ...

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    Nader wants FCC to probe GM's radio ties

    In a letter to the FCC, Ralph Nader, the world's most visible consumer advocate, has requested an investigation into the advertising practices of General Motors with regard to several radio personalities.The letter from Nader was prompted by an Automotive News article entitled, "Puff Piece. Rush ...

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    Shacking up - Nanjing and SAIC form partnership

    Instead of beating each other's brains out and assuring that nobody wins, SAIC and Nanjing have decided to stand close to each other on the playground. While they may still avoid eye contact and kick pebbles instead of developing a friendship, they will be carrying out what they're terming a ...

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    Nanjing turns the lights back on at MG's Longbridge, UK plant

    It appears that despite the incredulous whining and snarky commentary about Britain's MG being purchased by Nanjing and renamed Modern Gentleman, the Jiangsu, China based automaker has the best interests of MG in mind. They've been exceptionally careful stewards so far, quickly ramping up ...

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    Mercedes relents: Will go it alone like BMW

    It seems obvious now, but the sale of Chrysler leaves Mercedes Benz in a similar position as it's cross-country rival, BMW. Back when BMW bought the ailing MG-Rover marque, the results, to say the least, were less than positive. When the dust finally settled after the sale of Rover in 2000, the ...

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    Nanjing Automotive has a plan - a new MG sports car is coming

    According to an article in the Financial Times, Nanjing Automotive Corporation, the Chinese owners of MG, are currently developing a new sports car that should be released sometime in 2009.A Nanjing exec is quoted as saying that a new, "very good sports car that would fit in with the brand" is ...

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    MG still looking for dealers in the US

    Do you remember the fight over the scraps of the once-proud Morris Garages (MG)? Remember how Nanjing Automobile Group ended up with the rights to produce MG vehicles? The ones that ended up being relabeled Modern Gentleman? And remember how there was a joint venture formed to build MG cars in the ...

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    MG may yet find a home in Oklahoma

    The first Modern Gentleman has come off Nanjing's reconstituted assembly line in China, but we're getting conflicting reports about whether or not a rumored factory in Oklahoma will happen. Nanjing has been offered $20 million in incentives to come and build the MG TF where the wind comes sweepin' ...

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    The first Chinese-built MG rolls off the line

    Many speculated that this day would never come, but after six long and expensive months of equipping assembly lines and performing tests, Nanjing Automobile has produced its first MG.Against a backdrop displaying pictures of Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge, the "new" ("new" as in the same ...

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    Roewe developing Focus-fighter with ex-Rover employees

    Ford pulled a shrewd move back in September when it exercised an option to purchase the rights to the Rover brand name from BMW, which meant that Chinese automaker SAIC couldn't use the brand name to sell the ex-Rover cars it had just won the rights to build. Hence, the Roewe brand was born and the ...

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    Nanjing nearly ready to restart MG production

    For those awaiting the return of the Modern Gentleman, your wait is nearly over if you live somewhere other than the U.S. New owners of the MG name and much of the defunct automaker's production equipment, Nanjing Automobile Group, have announced that production of cars based on the old MG TF ...

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    MG now known as Modern Gentleman

    It sounds to us like the kind of men's magazine you see at the supermarket. You know the one, the impossibly buffed-up guy on the cover touting a workout that only takes 2 minutes and will make you as solid as an oak tree. Whatever. Modern Gentleman? It sounds too genteel for its own good, nearly ...

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    More trouble with Nanjing and the Chinese-owned MG

    More problems to report for Nanjing in its bid to resurrect MG. According to Automotive News, Chinese automaker Nanjing Automobile has been told to slow down with plans to sell MGs in Europe. The administrator of the Dutch MG Rover unit has told the company to cease and desist because Nanjing does ...

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    Spy Shots: Secret Rover prototype

    Originally designed to be the centerpiece of MG Rover's future vehicle plans, this now-stillborn prototype named the RDX60 has been located in a dark, dusty corner within Longbridge. The five-seat hatch based on the Rover 75 platform was the replacement for the Rover 45 built to go head-to-head ...

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    RR of the Day: 1978 MG Midget

    On the outside, it looks like a lightly-customized '78 MG Midget. Reader "wgregoryw" removed the little green roadster's horrendous rubber bumpers and made his own new grille to cover the holes left behind. Without the front bumper, the car's flat nose and large openings give it a racy look, but as ...

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    Surprise! Ford buys Rover name from BMW

    Ford informed BMW today that it would be exercising its right to buy the Rover name from the German automaker and also announced that it will not be putting it up for sale. The Detroit automaker purchased Land Rover from BMW in 2000 and has since had the option to buy the Rover name or at least ...

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    Chinese MG production date set

    Nanjing Automobile Corp. will celebrate its 60th birthday on March 27, 2007, and the star of the party will be a shiny new MG. Deputy chairman Lu Zhenxin announced Wednesday that Nanjing's first MG will roll off the line on the company's birthday.The company's new factory in Nanjing is under ...

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    Chinese automaker to purchase Rover badge

    What's in a name? Well, for starters, heritage, prestige and, in the case of Rover, a loyal following whose unfettered obsession is only eclipsed by one Chinese automaker's pocketbook.Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. may have finally wriggled the Rover name from BMW AG's hands, in a deal that, ...


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