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    Report: Ex-MG Rover workers to get check for £2.50

    Until the Chinese began producing the rather attractive MG6, the initials "MG" had been ill omens for at least ten years to all who approached them. The era of the Phoenix Four – former MG execs John Towers, Nick Stephenson, Peter Beale and John Edwards, who bought the company from its ...

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    Aborted plans for trio of new MG sportscar unearthed in new report

    MG Project X120 – Click above for image gallery
    As recently as five years ago, iconic British marque MG was in the midst of developing three – count 'em, three – new sportscars, according to various reports. Unfortunately, as MG Rover ran out of capital and was sold off to ...

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    FOLLOWUP: MG Rover execs reportedly strike back amidst fraud accusations

    The soap opera that is unfolding in the United Kingdom regarding the death of the once-proud MG Rover automobile company continues unabated. Four former MG Rover executives who purchased the automaker from BMW back in May of 2000 for a £10 fee have responded to Lord Mandelson's decision to ...

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    FOLLOWUP: Serious Fraud Office reportedly called in to investigate MG Rover collapse

    The saga that is the collapse of MG Rover and the subsequent four-year government probe into what went wrong has just taken another sordid and oddly-timed twist. Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for the British Labour Party, has told the Financial Times that he was under "obligation" to pass the ...

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    Rendered Speculation: MG TF is coming...

    There's a new MG TF on its way to replace the current TF, which is once again rolling out the doors at its Longbridge, UK ancestral home. The new TF will be available as a roadster, natch, and as a coupe, and based on the Roewe 550. AutoExpress has worked up some renderings based on insider ...

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    Paulin releases its vision for the future

    The Swedish design firm Paulin has released images of a new concept that, although only existing in the virtual world, might spell the future of car design in the next five years.Paulin has worked with Hyundai, Kia, MG Rover and Tata in the past, and seems to put a lot of stake in its swooping ...

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    TVR's trademarks swiped from teenage Russian owner

    The iconic British auto brand TVR will almost certainly not be making any more vehicles in the U.K. Instead, as the Independent reports, future models will most likely be built in Asia. Why? Because, Nikolai Smolensky, known as the "Baby oligarch," split off an administration arm from the company ...

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    Surprise! Ford buys Rover name from BMW

    Ford informed BMW today that it would be exercising its right to buy the Rover name from the German automaker and also announced that it will not be putting it up for sale. The Detroit automaker purchased Land Rover from BMW in 2000 and has since had the option to buy the Rover name or at least ...

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    Chinese MG production date set

    Nanjing Automobile Corp. will celebrate its 60th birthday on March 27, 2007, and the star of the party will be a shiny new MG. Deputy chairman Lu Zhenxin announced Wednesday that Nanjing's first MG will roll off the line on the company's birthday.The company's new factory in Nanjing is under ...

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    BMW/Shanghai Automotive talks still in progress for Rover name

    The UK's Financial Times is reporting that BMW has agreed to sell the Rover name to an eager Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC), new owner of the design rights to many of the vehicles owned by MG Rover before the company dissolved due to huge debts. FT reports that the German luxury ...

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    Rover collapse cost UK nearly 1 billion

    The collapse of MG Rover was an expensive affair for the British government and its people. A report published by the country's Public Accounts Committee says that the decline of MG Rover between 2000 and 2004 cost tax payers around £270 million. A £500 million pension deficit will also ...

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    Smart roadster to be built in Wales

    Project Kimber, the U.K. group that purchased the manufacturing rights to the Smart Roadster, announced this week that it will locate its production facility in Wales. After relocating the Roadster's production line from the Smart factory to Kimber's as yet unnamed site in Wales, the group plan to ...

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    MG to return to the U.S.?

    Say what you will about Nanjing Automobile Group's ability to revive the MG brand after picking up MG Rover's assets following the British firm's 2005 implosion, but you have to admit they have they have a firm grasp of the art of leaking information to the press. Following on the heels of last ...

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    MG Rover returns to U.K.

    The Chinese owners of defunct British carmaker MG Rover have confirmed that car production will resume at the former MG Rover factory in Longbridge. Nanjing Automotive will build cars in China and the U.K., with Autocar suggesting that the MG TF Roadster (right) is the most likely vehicle to come ...

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    Rover brand to live on

    BMW said Tuesday that it is "in discussions with several parties" interested in buying the rights to the Rover brand name. Two of the suitors are Chinese rivals SAIC and Nanjing Auto, both of which ended up with a piece of MG Rover when the company went under, while rights to the brand ...

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    Britain coughing up £660,000 to Nanjing to help restart MG-Rover factory

    From the "Who-didn't-see-this-coming" file comes word that British government officials have agreed to shell out some £660,000 ($1.16M USD) in grants to Nanjing Automobile in order to re-light the fires at MG-Rover's dormant Longbridge plant. The funds will come courtesy of ...


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