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AddTesla patent reveals metal-air hybrid battery powertrain

What you see above might be the ugliest Tesla Motors vehicle ever. Any 4-year-old can draw a box with wheels and, frankly, we expect more from Franz von Holzhausen. But, upon closer inspection, we don't find Franz's name attached to this drawing. Instead, this is the work of Tesla CTO JB Straubel and his team, so we're going to have to cut them some slack. Especially since what this drawing shows is potentially game-changing.

AddToyota looking for gasoline-beating 'Sakichi' battery

Back in 1925, long before the X-Prize foundation even existed, an inventor by the name of Sakichi Toyoda reportedly offered a prize of 1 million yen for the invention of a battery that would produce more energy than gasoline. As you can probably guess, no one has claimed that prize yet. However, Toyota thinks this target may be possible in the future and thus created, in 2008, a research division to work on "revolutionary batteries." Three years later, this division has been giving technical pre

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