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    Report: Ford considering shutting down Mercury division

    Mercury spokesmodel Jill Wagner – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to a report from Bloomberg, which is citing two unnamed sources who are supposedly "familiar with the plan," Ford is planning to close the doors on its Mercury division after 70 years of existence. If true, ...

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    Mulally: Mercury's star still shining bright... for now

    You'd be forgiven for assuming Ford would be willing to let Mercury die a slow, drawn out death. In fact, it seems like that's what's taking place naturally, what with the stunning lack of interesting new product over the last few years decades. According to Ford head honcho Alan Mulally, though, ...

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    Mercury dying: No updates planned past 2010

    There's further proof that Ford's planetary division could soon wave goodbye, according to Automotive News. While we've already reported on the apparent lack of supplier deals for the ailing upmarket brand from Ford, some further dissection reveals just how close Mercury may be to the brink of ...


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