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    Recalls: Ford announces four recalls, 1.4M vehicles affected

    Ford is taking a bit of the spotlight away from General Motors, announcing a major group of recall campaigns, covering a total of 1.4 million vehicles built between 2006 and 2013. Let's start with the big one, which covers the Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner and, according to The Detroit News, ...

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    Official: NHTSA investigating 725k Ford, Mercury vehicles for stalling issue

    Owners of Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner, Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan models, listen up. According to a report on Automotive News, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into these four vehicles totaling an estimated 725,000 units. The investigation appears ...

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    Report: Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner under investigation for rear glass that shatters

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently investigating 2010 and 2011 Ford Escapes and Mercury Mariners due to several complaints of shattering rear glass. According to The Detroit News, there have been 18 reported complaints of the glass braking "simultaneously" while ...

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    Curtain officially comes down on Mercury as dealers remove signage

    The process of shutting down the Mercury is complete. Ford officially made the decision to close its mid-level brand in June of 2010. In the months that followed, Ford offered its dealers money to stop selling the cars, with production shutting down in September. The last Mercury, a Mariner, ...

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    Report: Last Mercury for retail business built on Sunday

    Ford is already well into winding down its Mercury line, and the autoamker has announced that the very last of the soon-to-be dead brand's products built for retail sales was manufactured on Sunday, October 3. The final Mercury Mariner rolled off of the assembly line at the company's Kansas City ...

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    Mercury production to cease in late September?

    If Automotive News is correct – and they usually are – it looks like Mercury won't make it to Thanksgiving this year. Heck, they won't even make it through Halloween according to a new report. AN is saying that three dealers have come with forward with news of the automaker's plans. ...

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    Video Homage: Best Mercury Commercials Of All Time

    Farrah Fawcett, a Mercury Cougar and a real, live Cougar – Click above to watch the videos after the break
    An automobile manufacturer doesn't survive for 70 years without producing its fair share of television commercials. In fact, Ford's Mercury division has been around since well before ...

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    REPORT: Lincoln and Mercury's new direction involves downsizing

    Lincoln Concept C - Click above for high-res image gallery
    If The Blue Oval boys intend to keep buyers filing into Lincoln and Mercury showrooms over the next few years, each brand's product portfolios are going to need a bit more than a simple nick-and-tuck to compete with the best from around ...

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    Ford celebrates production of 100,000th hybrid SUV

    Click above for a high-res image gallery of the Ford Escape Hybrid
    Today, Ford celebrates a new milestone in the life of its hybrid SUV platform as the 100,000th vehicle rolls down the assembly line at the Blue Oval's Assembly Plant in Kansas City. This production total includes all Ford Escape ...

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    Mercury dying: No updates planned past 2010

    There's further proof that Ford's planetary division could soon wave goodbye, according to Automotive News. While we've already reported on the apparent lack of supplier deals for the ailing upmarket brand from Ford, some further dissection reveals just how close Mercury may be to the brink of ...

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    Review: 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid [w/VIDEO]

    2009 Mariner Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery Ford took pride in being the first automaker on the planet to offer a hybrid utility vehicle when it introduced the first battery-assisted Ford Escape in mid-2004. The Escape hybrid has had mixed success over the past few years, ...

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    Ford begins production of new mid-range six-speed automatic

    For 2009, the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner (as well as the Mazda Tribute) are getting the powertrain updates that they missed out on when their exteriors were revamped last year. While the 2008 models had all-new looks and interiors, the engines and transmissions were carried over from 2007, ...

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    Ford hybrids to turn a profit in 2008

    Ford's been cranking out hybrid CUVs on the CD2 platform for four years now, and with over 40,000 produced, it's gotten to be old hat. Since it started in 2004, Ford's managed to make the Escape, Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute 30-percent cheaper to build. That cost reduction, coupled with the ...

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    Video: Live from Dearborn - '07 vs '08 Mercury Mariner

    Click on the photo for a gallery of the 2008 Mariner in actionFord provided the journalists assembled in Dearborn the chance to drive many of their 2008 models back-to-back with their 2007 equivalents so that the new models' improvements could be experienced firsthand. Among the vehicles available ...

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    2008 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner priced below outgoing models

    Today Ford announced pricing for both of its redesigned compact sport utility vehicles, the 2008 Ford Escape and 2008 Mercury Mariner. The Escape will start at $19,245, including $665 for destination charges, which is $740 less than the base price of the current model. The Mariner begins at ...

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    New Ford incentives focus on Fusion and F-150

    Not wanting to lose the momentum from 2006, Ford Motor Co. will offer some new lease deals and cut-rate financing on the Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans. The F-150 gets in on the action as well, with leasing and financing incentives on some models. The new deals that follow will run from January 3 ...

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    EXCLUSIVE: 2008 Mazda Tribute pics leaked

    click on image to enlargeLoose lips sink ships, and we discovered that Mazda's got a hole in its boat big enough to drive the next generation Tribute through without being caught. Mazda shouldn't feel bad about these leaked photos and computer renderings of the 2008 Tribute and its interior (follow ...

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    Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Escape

    Wow. One of Ford's employees made it way to easy for KGP's shooter to snap a shot of the new Escape in the buff. Seen in a parking lot in the Detroit area, Ford's redesigned soft-roader gets a more butch nose and, surprisingly, doesn't don the three-bar grille that's infecting all of Ford's recent ...

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    2008 Mercury Mariner revealed

    click on image to enlargeIn a late-night, clandestine move, Mercury released details and images of a thoroughly redesigned Mariner, which will go on sale in early 2007 as a 2008 model. Ford's mid-market marque has decided that the 2005 model was in need of an update to keep up with the Joneses ...

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    Mazda names Laurens Van den Acker new design chief

    Mazda has a new styling chief. Dutchman Laurens Van den Acker will be putting the rather cumbersome appliqué "General Manager of the Design Division of Mazda Motor Corporation" on his office door, replacing Moray Callum (design head since 2001) who has been appointed to Ford's ...


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