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The name's the same as MB's hottest coupe

0-60 in under 3 seconds.

Aesthetic tweaks accompany mild power gains for the GT and GT S, while the GT C gets a 50th anniversary edition.

Bright-green proof that AMG can do more than just bigger engines, loud exhausts, and fancy wheels.

AMG's boss tells us the GT R roadster is being considered.

Tobias Moers, head AMG honcho, dangles a sure thing and a tantalizing possibility.

The GTD class will be overflowing with European sports cars.

Where does the next SL-Class go with the AMG GT C Roadster and S-Class cabriolet crowding it out?

An interview with M-B's design boss Gorden Wagener

You'll be able to choose from normal GT Roadster and the wider, faster GT C Roadster.

Yes, you've seen this car before. Who cares? It's worth another look in our high-res image gallery.

The AMG GT R will star as Drift, while the Z06 appears to be a new character called Lone Sniper.

Our spies captured two more stars of the fifth Transformers movie, caught filming alongside fan-favorite Bumblebee.

Besides the fabric roof, there are subtle changes from the coupe.

The supercar will apparently transform into a samurai.

Movie director Michael Bay took to Twitter to reveal a new role for the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight movie.

The reigning F1 world champ would like to put his own stamp on a special-edition supercar.

Because who needs leather anyway? You have to give people a reason to upgrade from the base model.

To fight the 911, you need lots of different models. Lots.

Tobias Moers is promising new GTs for both the street and the track.

No, not the GT-R. This one is full of neat new AMG technology, like rear steering and active aero.

And it's going to be very, very green. We mean that literally, not figuratively.

The wait for a hotter Mercedes-AMG GT is almost over. The German company will add the souped-up R model in a big debut next week.

That means we have less than a month to wait for AMG's new top dog.

Nurburgring testing season is well under way, with Mercedes shipping its AMG GT R development program to the famed German racing circuit.

Mercedes-AMG is working on an even faster version of its flagship GT, spotted testing in cold weather to give us our best glimpse at it yet.

Mercedes has been spotted testing its forthcoming AMG GT R in the snow, heavily disguised but packing some big aero upgrades to bring it closer to the GT3 racing version.

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