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mercedes r-class

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    Report: These cars are headed to the Great Crusher In The Sky

    It happens every year. We bid adieu to some cars and trucks that will be missed, and say good riddance to others wondering how they stayed around so long. Whether they're being killed off for slow sales or due to a new product coming along to replace them, the list of vehicles being discontinued ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz to nix R-Class from U.S. lineup despite being built in Alabama

    After years of lackluster sales, Mercedes-Benz is finally pulling the plug on the company's R-Class, at least as far as sales in the United States go. The vehicle will continue to be manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and exported to markets around the ...

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    These are your top 10 worst-selling vehicles of 2011

    Where there are winners, there are inevitably losers. Last year was exceedingly kind to big pickups, sprawling family sedans and SUVs, but not every model came out of 2011 with big sales figures. We took the time to dig through the low-selling models of the past 12 months to find out which ...

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    Recalls: Mercedes-Benz recalling 6,800 diesel models

    Nearly 7,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles are being recalled for potentially leaky fuel filters. Included under the recall are diesel (read: Bluetec) versions of the 2011 E-Class, GL-Class, M-Class, and R-Class, as well as the 2012 S-Class. The 2011 model year vehicles being recalled were built ...

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    Vehicles take flight at the 'Ring's Flugplatz

    Many areas of Germany's demanding 13-mile Nürburgring race track have became notorious in their own right, and have nicknames that hint at the challenge they present. One such section is called Flugplatz, which means "airport," and the name certainly fits because this crest is enough to ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz and Toyota plants halted by tornado outage

    Tornadoes are wreaking havoc in the southern United States, causing Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to put the brakes on production at each of their respective Alabama manufacturing facilities. Mercedes-Benz builds GL-Class, M-Class and R-Class vehicles in Tuscaloosa, while Toyota's Huntsville plant ...

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    Mercedes-Benz issues recall over leaking fuel filters

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for the 2011 E-Class, GL-Class, M-Class and R-Class due to leaky fuel filters. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, the vehicles' O-ring may not have been ...

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    Report: Mercedes readying first-ever TV ads for R Class

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As it turns out, you have to do a little more than build the Mercedes-Benz R-Class in order to get buyers to come take them off of your hands. Since the big Silver Arrow crossover first sauntered onto the scene back in ...

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    First Drive: 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class is better by a nose

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Not too long ago, there was a time when all of the vehicles in an automaker's portfolio weren't required to wear the same uniform. Each model could be its own unique expression of the brand's strengths without being forced to ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Mercedes-Benz releases onslaught of 2011 R-Class images

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mercedes-Benz R-Class people-mover gets a fresh new exterior for the 2011 model year. Not only does it incorporate the automaker's new corporate face, with the dinner-plate-sized logo in the middle of the grille, but ...

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    New York 2010: Mercedes R-Class hits the refresh button for 2011

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Today at the 2010 New York Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz showed that it's still behind the all-but-forgotten "Sports Tourer" when it unveiled the heavily restyled 2011 R-Class. The minivan-that-isn't-a-minivan has had a rough ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #172: YUGOMANIA!

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Sam and Dan kick off Episode #172 of the Autoblog Podcast with guest Jason Vuic, author of a historical treatise on the Yugo. Alex Nunez joins us afterwards for news items. We cover sights coming to the New York Auto Show, ...

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    Brawnier 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class leaked ahead of New York debut

    2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The R-Class has had a rough life. Not only did it suffer from odd, disproportionate styling, but Mercedes-Benz never really marketed the vehicle the way that it should have, choosing to position it as a "sports tourer," ...

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    Mercedes-Benz R-Class, Lincoln MKZ earn IIHS Top Safety Pick

    2010 Lincoln MKZ - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently tested the Mercedes-Benz R-Class and Lincoln MKZ, and both have earned the agency's Top Safety Pick rating for 2009. The 2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class did very well in the frontal ...

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    Spy Shots: R-Class facelift

    The R-Class won a design award, went on tour with the Rolling Stones, was dropped in price, and still sold so poorly that Mercedes admitted the car was a failure. Yet M-B head man Dieter Zetsche said the car isn't going away, so as one does with continuing product, the R-Class is getting some face ...

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    Mercedes cutting production in Alabama

    As consumer demand for thirsty vehicles continues to wane, Mercedes-Benz is being forced to slow production at the Alabama plant which manufactures their GL- and ML-Class SUVs and the R-Class crossover. Sales of Mercedes domestic trucks fell to 5,090 vehicles in June, representing an 11.9 ...

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    Mercedes admits R-Class was a failure

    click above to view more images of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class That the R-Class has not been the most successful vehicle in the history of Mercedes-Benz is no big secret, but after staunchly espousing its virtues for year, the automaker has finally admitted it. And as any recovering addict could ...

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    Mercedes takes R-Class down a notch

    After selling only 18,168 samples of their R-Class in 2007, even after dropping the base price by $5,000, Mercedes will try taking the uber-wagon downmarket in 2008.For starters, the cheapest R-Class you can get next year will be the 268hp R350, which has a V6 and does without all wheel drive to ...

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    Spy shots: BMW V-series mule

    With Audi and Mercedes rampantly trying to fill every conceivable segment, BMW has been stepping up development of its own niche vehicles, including the X6 CUV and now, a contender in the it's-not-a-minivan crowd, the V-Series.The 3-Series wagon-bodied prototype supposedly foretells what BMW plans ...

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    Mercedes-Benz reveals updated R-Class with more features

    Click image for photo galleryFor 2008, Mercedes-Benz has performed a series of updates on its R-Class people mover (Mercedes calls it an "SUV Tourer" -- identity crisis, anyone?), and as was previously reported, RWD-only variants are now in the mix. There's quite a bit more to the update than just ...


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