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9Mercedes retraces historic first road trip with autonomous S-Class [w/video]

To prove to her husband, Karl Benz, that the future of transportation was in automobiles, Bertha Benz drove a little over 60 miles from Mannheim to Pforzheim, Germany, in the Benz Patent-Motorwagen – her husband's creation and widely considered the world's first automobile – 125 years ago. Much more recently, Mercedes-Benz engineers followed the same route in a specially equipped autonomous S-Class, becoming the first people to be driven by a car, which dealt with pedestrians, traffi

4Mercedes ready to offer Car-to-X communications by end of year

Although Mercedes-Benz isn't the first automaker to develop a Car-to-X system, it sounds like it will be the first to get this automated safety technology into a production vehicle. Car-to-X allows a car to transmit and receive data in order to warn the driver of impending danger or traffic problems.

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