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20Only 1 in 234 pass Melbourne's tough new taxi driver test

In London, cab drivers undergo a grueling testing and memorization regime known ominously as "The Knowledge." Obtaining a license to drive one of the British capital's distinctive black cabs is so difficult that students often use motor scooters to get around and learn some 320 routes on 25,000 roads, a process that takes two to four years. They then need to take a completely random oral test, just to make sure they know their way about the city.

15Mercedes takes off with Heli-Express airport transfer service in Melbourne

There may be more luxurious ways to get to the airport than in a Mercedes-Benz, but there aren't many. Especially if you live in Australia.

11Australia looks to fill the void of Holden's manufacturing shutdown

The closure of a single automotive assembly plant can be devastating on the local economy. But in Australia, they're dealing with what effectively amounts to the shutdown of its entire automotive sector. Mitsubishi closed its factory there a few years ago. Ford announced just months back that it would cease manufacturing in Australia, and now General Motors is following suit. That effectively leaves just Toyota manufacturing on any substantial scale in Australia, but who knows for how much longe

30Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept bows in Australia

Following the cancellation of the Melbourne Motor Show, it would appear that automakers in Australia are looking for creative new ways to show off vehicles to consumers. Enter the country's National 4x4 and Outdoors Show and Fishing and Boating Expo. India's Tata Motors has used this weekend's festivities to reveal an off-road concept version of its Xenon pickup called the Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept.

7Melbourne Motor Show cancelled, Sydney might follow suit

Organizers have cancelled the Melbourne Motor Show in the face of declining attendance and lackluster support from automakers. Australia has already seen shows in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth close their doors, and with Melbourne following suit, Sydney is the country's last major auto show left standing. According to reports, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce – the two parties behind the Melbourne expo – have plans to remake the show i

8Lego Ferrari Formula 1 car unveiled in Australia

We have enough Lego fans on the Autoblog team that, were cars wiped off the face of the Earth tomorrow, our fall-back plan would be to launch Legoblog: We Obsessively Cover The Lego Industry. So a full-size Ferrari F1 car made entirely out of Lego bricks is something that's sure to catch our attention.

242012 Formula 1 World Championship kicks off with Australian Grand Prix [spoilers]

Today is the day that racing fans have been looking forward to. The cars have been unveiled, the drivers announced, the calendar confirmed and everything is in place. Today is race day.

25Watch a restored 1980 Toyota Celica rally car put through its paces by Neal Bates

Former and current Toyota driver Neal Bates started his rally career over 20 years ago. While that seems like a long time to have been racing, even back then a 1980 Toyota Celica was pretty old school. Mr. Bates and his friends at Toyota set out to prove that the old Celica is still cool by giving the RA40 dirt runner a full restore ahead of its ARC debut in Melbourne.

28Lewis Hamilton charged by Australian authorities for hooning

It would seem that the only good time Lewis Hamilton had at the Australian Grand Prix was when he was actually smoking the tires of his loaner Mercedes C63 AMG. Once that burnout was complete, though, the wheels came off: Hamilton got nicked by the police under Melbourne's anti-hoon laws, had the car impounded, qualified 11th for the race and finished sixth.

34GM officially debuts Holden Cruze, shows off Australian Volt

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Holden Cruze

AddMelbourne 2009: GM releases new shots of Holden Volt

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Holden Volt

AddMelbourne 2009: GM debuts new Holden Cruze

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Holden Cruze

AddMelbourne 2009: Toyota shows off HC-CV (Hybrid Camry Concept Vehicle)

Click above for a hi-res gallery of Toyota Australia's HC-CV

AddIn Australia, Police fight "antisocial behavior" with Hummers

Hummers may be a bit controversial due to their highly conspicuous consumption, but it is exactly that prominence that Aussie Police hope to make use of in order to fight crime. Really, Hummers are hard to miss, and a fleet of five of them, even in relatively small H3 size, is sure to get noticed, right?. Okay, fine... so who's supposed to notice these Hummers with custom livery and bright flashing lights? Revelers out having a good time with bad intentions in the nightclub districts of Melbourn

18Parking garage signage depends on your perspective

Click the image above for a gallery of Axel Peemoeller's 3-D signage

3Australia may switch to bi-annual auto shows

The exorbitant amount of money required to participate in an Australian auto show has resulted in automakers demanding a cut to one show per year. The shows in Sydney and Melbourne would need to alternate years for this to happen, but the two shows are run by different groups that don't want to give up the income. Cash-strapped automakers have already begun selectively attending the two shows, with big-time brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz joining 12 other automakers that skipped out on this ye

14Melbourne 2008: Mitsubishi Panther concepts claw at good taste

Click image for a hi-res gallery of the Mitsubishi "Panther" Concepts

15MT claims Holden Coupe 60 is really 3-year-old Pontiac GTO replacement

Spot any similarities? Holden surprised and delighted when it rolled out the Coupe 60 at the Melbourne Auto Show this past week. Motor Trend put two and two together and dug up some three-year-old photos that show off essentially the same car wearing a Pontiac suit, instead. The nose on the original concept shows what GM was planning for the next-gen GTO at the time. We're glad the prototype styling was deemed too expensive for production; the world wasn't ready for a modern interpretation of th

18Toyota hints FT-HS concept could inspire next Supra

Click above to view more high-res pics of the Toyota FT-HS Concept

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