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    Geneva: Tata Megapixel is a high-res effort on a low-res budget

    What's the next Tata Nano going to look like? The Megapixel concept is a good indication of where the Indian brand's ultra cheap micro-car could be headed in the next few years, and if the onboard tech makes it to production, the Megapixel could be one of the most compelling – and most ...

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    GoPro introduces HD line of Hero cameras

    GoPro Hero Motorsports HD -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    GoPro has unveiled its line of HD cameras specially adapted for motorsports, helmets, surfing, and R/C – although a bendy arm and a suction cup mean you could use them to record your performance vacuum cleaning as well, ...

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    First GPS and digital camera hybrid

    New Zealand-based Navman has released the iCN750, a GPS navigation system combined with a digital camera. According to PC Magazine, who had a chance to check out  a pre-production model, the unit works as either a regular navigation system or digital camera. However, users can also record ...


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