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megacity ev

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    Report: BMW to lease (not sell) Megacity EV

    BMW's Megacity EV appears to have all the makings of one unique little runabout. The future city car is, after all, expected to be a battery-powered BMW that will feature a body-on-frame chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Automotive News reports that the unusualness of the Megacity EV ...

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    Rumormill: BMW Megacity is a premium product, will carry premium pricetag

    BMW Megacity EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to the rumors kicking around the interwebs, the upcoming BMW Megacity won't be bargain basement transportation. Autocar cites an unnamed source as saying that when the city-sized electric car hits dealers, it will carry a ...

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    BMW confirms Megacity electric car for 2013 *UPDATE

    BMW has used the Beijing Motor Show to announce that it will have its much-talked-about Megacity electric car on the market by 2013. Previously, the German automaker had only hinted that it would produce the urban runabout in the first half of the decade. Also of note is that the Megacity EV ...


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