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AddReporters Test The Honesty Of Auto Mechanics

Every repair shop investigated offered free service

Auto mechanics have bad reputations for taking unsuspecting customers for all they're worth. One Today show investigation found that bad rap might be unfair.

AddMechanics Selling Customers' Cars Illegally

The growing scam the DMV won't warn you about

Normally a mechanic can put a lien on a car for failure to pay for a repair and then sell that car if the cost isn't paid off within a certain amount of time. Some shady mechanics are using liens to make extra cash by selling cars out from under their customers.

AddDirty Parts Scam Mechanics Use To Make Big Bucks

A little research can go a long way towards saving you money

You go to a mechanic to investigate a weird rattling sound, and suddenly the repair costs are stacking up for problems and replacement parts you never knew existed. Do you trust the knowledge and experience of the mechanic or do you investigate for yourself?

AddWomen Often Overcharged By Car Mechanics, Report Shows

ABC’s 'The Lookout' went undercover to find out if auto-repair shops are running a scam

ABC's new show 'The Lookout' turned their hidden cameras on shady mechanics and found overcharging, lying about problems and even causing problems at both local and national chain repair shops.

AddAmateur Mechanic Lights Engine -- And Himself -- On Fire

Shawn Prince says he suffered serious burns in accident

Attention amateur mechanics: Here's a quick lesson in what not to do should your engine catch fire.

Add"Right To Repair" law would force automakers to share data with independent mechanics [w/poll]

"Right To Repair" laws have been debated for years, with automakers and dealers steadfastly opposed to any legislation requiring them to divulge the electronic secrets of their vehicles to independent repair shops. The little guys continue to cry foul, insisting that dealership mechanics get repair tools and software that are unavailable on the open market. The manufacturers claim they already provide enough repair information and what they don't disclose is proprietary and needs to be protected

AddIs your city among the best or worst places to get your car fixed?

Akin to other doctor-themed sites like WebMD, the recently-launched AutoMD wants to make you your own health official, this time overseeing the pain-free running of your car. The site's tools include diagnostic assistance, cost estimates, finding a shop, or DIY repairs with pictorial instruction if you're ready to get dirty.

AddWill the green car revolution bring about the end of local mechanics and garages?

Photo by gailf548. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

AddMaster Mechanics vote for 3,000-mile oil change interval

In a survey conducted by Valvoline, sixty-percent of ASE certified Master Automobile technicians questioned said that a vehicle's oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. Twenty-nine percent said between 3,000-5,000 miles is acceptable and just two percent voted that between 5,000-10,000 miles is okay.

AddTexas team wins at Ford/AAA Auto Skills Challenge

A team from Paris High School in Texas took the top spot in this past weekend's Ford/AAA Auto Skills Challenge. The goal of the yearly competition, which pits the top 50 two-man teams against each other, is to accurately diagnosis and repair a vehicle that has been deliberately disabled. The teams are given a maximum of 90 minutes to complete the task, and Bradley J. Bolton and Aaron Clay were able to get their Mustang GT convertible started in less than 30 minutes. For that half-hour of wo

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