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    VIDEO: McLaren releases first webisode of MP4-12C development

    Inside McLaren: developing the MP4-12C – Click above to view the video after the jump
    McLaren Automotive has just dropped a new video, the first in a series, that promises to show the story behind the company's upcoming MP4-12C supercar. This first episode gives us a peek at the car's ...

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    VIDEO: Jay Leno (almost) takes a closer look at the McLaren MP4-12C

    Jay Leno lifting the McLaren MP4-12Cs carbon fiber tub - Click the image to view the video after the jump
    In this video, our favorite zillionaire car freak -- Jay Leno -- goes to the ultra-modern McLaren factory in Woking, England to look at the brand new MP4-12C. Only they don't show it to him. ...

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    McLaren MP4-12C: First batch of details and images surface

    McLaren MP4-12C – Click above for an image gallery
    Today's a big day for McLaren. After ambitiously launching its own separate automotive division to follow in the footsteps of arch-rival Ferrari, the British race engineering firm has finally released its long-anticipated new supercar. ...

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    Coming this Wednesday, the McLaren MP4-12C!

    1997 McLaren MP4/12 Grand Prix racer
    This coming Wednesday, McLaren will finally reveal the followup to its legendary F1 road car, but this weekend, in an interview with the Times of London newspaper, Ron Dennis finally announced the car's name. The supercar which until now had been referred to as ...

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    Rumormill: McLaren planning hybrid supercar

    McLaren F1 LM - Click above for high-res image gallery
    McLaren has put up a job posting for a Senior Engineer for Powertrain Hybrid Technology on its official website, which may offer a few clues as to where the automaker may be heading in the near future for its road cars. As far as rumors go, ...

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    McLaren intends to build new production facility to rival Maranello

    First came Paragon, the terrifically high-tech McLaren Technology Center that is the corporate and production HQ for Ron Dennis' various company interests. Now, Dennis is planning a McLaren Production Center (MPC) that will engineer and build "McLaren Automotive's range of innovative ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Baby McLaren to take on 911

    We've been hearing about McLaren's future product onslaught for almost a year, and in addition to the F430-rivaling P11 supercar, the bespoke automaker is planning a 911-fighter to slot in underneath it. AutoExpress tapped a design firm to render the new coupe and although it comes off as a botched ...

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    Pump up the Volume: McLaren to target 4000 sales annually

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the McLaren P11
    With the SLR speeding out of the picture following the debut of the Stirling Moss edition speedster, the only vehicles McLaren will be producing are the handful of Formula One racers it'll need to defend its title this season. But that's about ...

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    Spy Shots: McLaren P11 supercar spied in the snow

    Click above for high-res gallery of McLaren P11 spy shots
    We brought you similar spy shots of the McLaren P11 supercar undergoing cold weather testing a few days ago, but now we have our own high-res shots to share. Though the clean sheet redesign of McLaren's Ferrari fighter is obscured by camo ...

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    Spy Shots: McLaren P11 caught weathering the snow storm

    It's been a few months since the last batch of spy photos of the upcoming McLaren P11 supercar, and now we've got some shots of the new Mclaren braving the snowy climes of Sweden. CAR has a pair of photos of this newest road-going rocket from the lads at McLaren and although Frank Stephenson's ...

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    Ron Dennis steps down from McLaren F1, focusing on supercars

    Ron Dennis, the man behind the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team, announced he'll be stepping down from his position on March 1st to concentrate on McLaren's future endeavors. Dennis made it clear during today's press conference that his departure shouldn't be perceived as retirement. On the contrary, ...

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    McLaren P11 supercar goes under the knife again before 2010

    We reported ex-Fiat boss Frank Stephenson was tasked with a clean-sheet redesign of the upcoming McLaren supercar, codenamed the McLaren P11, just two months ago. Now we are hearing word that the exotic has been totally redesigned and is scheduled for a launch in 2010. Prototypes of the two-seat, ...

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    Spy Shots: McLaren P11 already caught on the road

    Earlier today we told you the latest news on McLaren's upcoming "F1 Jr." P11 project. We even showed you a glimpse of what is believed to be a styling buck for the new F430/Gallardo fighter. Expected to show up in production trim about 18 months from now, the P11 will certainly be a tough secret ...

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    CAR reveals spy shots of McLaren P11 supercar

    UK-based CAR magazine teased over the weekend that super secret photos of a mystery car would be published on its website today, and that car has turned out to be the McLaren P11. While P11 is just a code name, the actual car and its real name are still around 18 months away. CAR's photos show a ...

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    Deviants: Roadster, racing versions of McLaren P11 to follow

    Although McLaren's next supercar is expected to be very different from the SLR, the company made in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, one element will carry over: derivatives. It's one thing that the SLR cannot seem to let go of, breeding six different versions so far, and the upcoming P11 supercar ...

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    McLaren P11 supercar goes back to the drawing board... in two months

    The McLaren P11 will still be powered by a 6.2-liter Mercedes AMG unit, but nobody knows yet what the car that goes around the engine is going to look like. Frank Stephenson, recently of Fiat fame, has been given instructions to completely redesign the car when he starts at McLaren. However, he ...

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    Dissolution of Mercedes-McLaren partnership confirmed

    Click for hi-res gallery of the Mercedes SLR McLaren
    It's hard not to follow a story like the veritable fleet of new supercars set to follow the controversial Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The supercar came out of the partnership between Benz and McLaren in Formula One, but while the racing cars have ...

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    New McLaren supercar expected for 2010

    With the mostly unloved Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren set to get the official axe in 2009, the path is clear for the next McLaren-branded supercar to be unveiled. Expected to be built at its facility in Woking, England, McLaren has plans for the as-yet-unnamed vehicle to compete with Ferrari's ...

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    McLaren working on a successor to the mighty F1

    var digg_url = ''; Ferrari may have kicked off the era of the modern supercar with the F40, but McLaren took the concept to a whole new level with the F1. Letting a legendary Formula One designer like Gordon Murray have ...


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