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    Video: McLaren continues birthday party with 'The Spirit of McLaren' video

    McLaren continues celebrating its 50 years of racing in the team's latest video, which looks back to the days when the company's namesake and founder was out running the cars himself. It proceeds up from there, covering the team's multiple world champions and including some classic racing footage ...

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    Video: Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button get animated in McLaren F1 cartoon

    The UK's BBC and Sky TV channels have split the broadcasting of Formula 1 races. Naturally, each channel puts together promos to showcase the upcoming race, such as the Beeb's recent stellar effort before the Monaco GP. In advance of last weekend's British GP, Sky aired the first in a series ...

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    Report: McLaren denies plans to switch engine suppliers

    For 15 years, McLaren was the F1 team of choice for Mercedes-Benz, enjoying a near-works level of support and collaboration from the German automaker. But as you may recall, Daimler bought its own team three seasons ago: the outfit that started out as British American Racing, then became Honda ...

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    Force India takes on the 2011 F1 championship with the new VJM04

    2011 Force India VJM04 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With an expanded grid over years past, Formula One has grown into a three-pronged competition. At the front you have the championship contenders like Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes GP. At the back you have the ...

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    Radical new McLaren MP4-26 Formula 1 car unveiled in Berlin

    2011 McLaren MP4-26 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While rival Formula 1 teams unveiled their new 2011 challengers at or before the recently test session at Valencia, McLaren opted to run its 2010 F1 car instead. The reason? Ostensibly to focus on the varied effects the new ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Getting Back to Work at the 2009 European Grand Prix

    2009 European Grand Prix at Valencia – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ever come back from vacation only to feel like you need another vacation? We've all been there, so we can all empathize with the performers in the Formula One circus. After the last grand prix in Hungary, the ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Of Champions and Shadows at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix

    2009 Hungarian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Jenson Button and his Brawn GP team cast a dominating shadow over the start of this year's Formula One World Championship, taking the checkered flag at six out of the seven races this season to take a commanding lead for the ...

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    Formula Shuffle: Lola, Aston Martin reportedly considering F1 entries; Mercedes to leave?

    A string of reports over the past couple of days are emerging to paint a picture of a potentially huge reshuffle of the Formula One grid and the players involved as early as next season. The FIA and the teams are planning another round of regulation changes to further curb costs in F1, but while ...

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    VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car via Blackberry Storm

    Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car via Blackberry Storm - Click above to watch video
    Vodaphone is a huge mobile communications company, and it's also the primary sponsor of the McLaren Mercedes F1 team. The video after the jump shows just what their millions of dollars in sponsorship money can buy: a ...

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    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes launches the 2009 MP4-24

    Click above to see McLaren's launch of the new MP4-24 in high resolution
    I spent a couple of teenage summers working at a camp where, every August, the director would announce his retirement. And every year, he'd be back... until one year he wasn't, and everyone was surprised. Meanwhile, the ...

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    Ron Dennis steps down from McLaren F1, focusing on supercars

    Ron Dennis, the man behind the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team, announced he'll be stepping down from his position on March 1st to concentrate on McLaren's future endeavors. Dennis made it clear during today's press conference that his departure shouldn't be perceived as retirement. On the contrary, ...

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    Oh, it's on! Hamilton vs Hoy at Race of Champions

    British racing fans had lots of reason to celebrate this year. Not only did their golden boy Lewis Hamilton win the Formula One World Championship, but their star cyclist Chris Hoy took home three Olympic gold medals from the Beijing Olympics. But the ultimate face-off between man and machine is ...

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    Mercedes still rumored to buy out McLaren

    Most rumors in the auto industry surface and are either confirmed or quelled. But here is one that keeps on popping up and has remained unanswered for years. McLaren teamed up with Mercerdes-Benz back in 1995, and ever since automotive and motorsport journalists alike have been speculating that ...

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    Rumormill: McLaren boss Ron Dennis fired

    If you thought rumors spread fast among automotive news sites, that's nothing compared to the speculation that spreads like wildfire around racing paddocks. The latest reports suggest that Ron Dennis, who has successfully directed the McLaren F1 team to seven constructors' titles and nine drivers' ...

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    Formula 1: McLaren replaces Montoya immediately

    Looks like Juan Pablo Montoya will be able to start preparing for his NASCAR debut sooner rather than later - Team McLaren Mercedes announced Tuesday that they have released Montoya for the rest of the 2006 F1 season, replacing him with test driver Pedro de la Rosa (shown above with JPM) for the ...


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