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mazda coupe

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    Rumormill: Mazda6 coupe coming?

    The web has fired up an interesting bit of rumor concerning the next-generation Mazda6. British auto magazine WhatCar? reports that a shadowy senior official within the Japanese automaker has confirmed that a coupe version will bow after the current sedan's successor debuts in a little over a ...

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    Future Classic: '93-'97 Mazda MX-6 LS

    When the 1993 MX-6 debuted, it made our hearts sing. Here, finally, was a Mazda 2+2 that combined all the fun of its predecessors while banishing the remaining 80's-era funk that afflicted Japanese cars. Out went the plasticky interior and stubby slab-sidedness of the '88-'92 model. Style and ...


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