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maybach landaulet

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    Report: These cars are headed to the Great Crusher In The Sky

    It happens every year. We bid adieu to some cars and trucks that will be missed, and say good riddance to others wondering how they stayed around so long. Whether they're being killed off for slow sales or due to a new product coming along to replace them, the list of vehicles being discontinued ...

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    Report: Maybach officially discontinues all models for 2013

    The word "Maybach" has joined the long list of synonyms for the word "kaput." Mercedes-Benz released the price list for the 2013 models of its super-luxury sedans, with the price column simply stating "Discontinued" for each one of them. The 2012 models, should there be any left for 11th-hour ...

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    Official: Daimler increases prices on 2012 Maybach models

    That Daimler can't sell enough Maybach superluxury sedans to justify the brand's existence is the worst-kept secret in the entire automotive industry. The numbers don't really make a dent in what its competitors sell, and they are but a drop in the bucket of what the company moves as a whole. ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz killing Maybach in 2013, replacing with S600 Pullman

    According to an unnamed Mercedes-Benz source speaking with AutoWeek, the German automaker is killing off its Maybach line in 2013. The unsurprising news comes after the brand was resurrected in 2002, but failed to meet sales expectations with its two core models, the Maybach 57 and 62. Further ...

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    Bonhams to auction Lincoln fit for a pope... or an astronaut

    Not a lot of people have use for a parade car. The pope would, as would a group of astronauts returning from a mission in space to be showered with ticker tape. And if you think you deserve a parade of your own, this could be your vehicle of choice. The venerable auction house Bonhams has got a ...

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    Official: Lexus LS 600h L Landaulet for Monaco Royal Wedding blows our minds [w/videos]

    Staffers here at Autoblog have been fortunate enough to drive cars like the Porsche Panamera and Bentley Continental at our weddings, but it takes a very high-ranking person to get an automaker to build a special vehicle just for the knot-tying ceremonies. His Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco ...

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    Report: Maybach to get facelift in Beijing before brand gets the axe

    Maybach Landaulet – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If a recent report out of the UK is to be believed, Maybach is set to get the axe in the very near future. However, as a last hurrah, all three models from the ultra-luxury division of Mercedes-Benz (57, 62 and Landaulet) will ...

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    Zetsche: Maybach "not significant or relevant," but a facelift is coming anyway

    2010 Maybach Zeppelin – click above for high-res gallery
    Maybach's 2009 sales through the first eleven months of this year have declined about 20 percent. That's at the kinder end of the industry average, all the more impressive because the "cheapest" one starts at $358,000. The part that's ...

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    Thus sprache Zetsche: Maybach not going anywhere

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Maybach 62 Landaulet
    Seemingly nothing – not the credit crunch, not miniscule sales, not its own lengthy, lugubrious looks – can kill the Maybach. People who have wondered how long Mercedes will keep dishing out tiny servings of the enormous cars ...

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    Maybach prices 62 Landaulet for America at $1.35 million

    Click above to view the Maybach 62 Landaulet in hi-res Okay, it just hit us: eccentric. That's what the Maybach 62 Landaulet is, in a word. In fact, you could apply that to the whole Maybach venture. Like Dennis Hopper said in the Keanu-tastic action flick Speed, "Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm ...

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    Maybach to put 62 Landaulet into production

    click above to view more high-resolution images of the Maybach 62 Laundaulet Lord help us, for the automotive industry has sunk to a new low. As if it wasn't bad enough that Maybach created an ode to conspicuous consumption like the 62 Landaulet, but now Mercedes' big, goofy brother has decided to ...

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    Detroit 2008: Maybach Landaulet arrives in style

    click above for more high-res images of the Maybach Lanaulet If you'd rather be driven by a chauffeur than get behind the wheel yourself, you might want to check out the Maybach Landaulet that made its North American debut in Detroit this week. The half sedan/half convertible allows for the ...

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    VIDEO: Maybach 62 S Landaulet

    The rumors, the announcement, the official photos...none of it was enough to believe a once sensible company like Daimler-Benz could have created something so outrageously, ridiculously impractical as a six-figure, all-white, high-performance, partial-convertible, super-luxury limousine. Seeing it ...

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    Maybach 62 Landaulet unveiled

    Click image for high-res gallery var digg_url = ''; The rumormill looks to have been accurate. Maybach will publicly unveil the Landaulet at the Middle East International Auto Show later this month. ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Maybach 62 Laundaulet headed for Middle East debut

    Even in the post-Chrysler age, Maybach remains a bit of a thorn in Mercedes' side. Its vehicles have been far less than the sales success hoped for, prompting Daimler to buy back 29 Maybach dealers. Subsequently the parent company wouldn't be so eager to invest more into the ultra-premium brand, ...

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    Swiss Army Roof: Magna Steyr MILA Future

    Click on the image above to jump to our high-resolution image gallery Innovations in retractable hard-tops come from what could very well be the broadest range of sources in the industry. The complex retractable roof systems are sometimes designed and developed by the automakers themselves, ...


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