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The Quimera AEGT01 – Click above to watch video after the jump

It hasn't been easy for many aspiring EV builders to get A123's lithium cells for their projects, but a new deal struck by the battery maker and Mavizen may change that. The TTXGP-affiliated electric motorcycle maker has reached an agreement that will see them distributing their AMP20 prismatic cells, ostensibly for motorsport applications. They will eventually have access to other product as well.

Swigz Pro Racing superbike with KERS – Click above for high-res image gallery

Teasers... generally the small, grainy, purposely-blurred or otherwise difficult to decipher images don't give away very much and are used to generate excitement for a new product before its official announcement. Usually, it takes a keen eye to pull out any detail from the resulting wreckage. Such is the case with the latest teaser image from Mavizen, the company that's planning to release a new twin-motor electric racebike inspired by the TTXGP-winning electric racer from Team Agni.

According to the official TTXGP blog, the long-awaited TTX02 electric racebike will be unveiled November 3rd at the giant SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Based on the race-winning Agni X01 electric motorcycle with a frame sourced from an unknown "leading motorcycle manufacturer," the team behind the effort claims it will be the world's first production electric supersport bike bred for racing.

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