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maserati suv

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    Rumormill: Maserati Levante crossover not Jeep based after all?

    Maserati has been teasing its crossover project since 2011, which is when it first showed off the Kubang concept (pictured above). Still, the production version, rumored to be called the Levante, remains a complete mystery. The CUV was first rumored to borrow the platform from the Jeep Grand ...

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    Report: Maserati Levante SUV may be built in Italy after all

    In July Fiat halted its investments in Italy, putting on hold plans for the Maserati Levante SUV to be built at the automaker's flagship factory in Turin. But Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, whose company owns Maserati, met with unions on Wednesday, and he may announce plans to move forward with ...

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    Report: Fiat to build Maserati SUV in Turin, Alfa Romeo version possible

    Automotive News Europe reports Fiat will build its new Maserati Levante SUV in Turin, Italy. CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed in an interview that the luxury utility will be manufactured at Fiat's flagship plant, and that the Mirafiori facility may build an Alfa Romeo SUV variant as well. Reports ...

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    Report: Maserati planning second smaller SUV?

    Maserati's product plans have taken a few wild turns, but as we get closer to production dates for the long-awaited offerings things are getting a wee bit clearer. The the sixth-generation Maserati Quattroporte is here, and a quick recap according to a report in Car and Driver has the smaller ...

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    Official: Maserati dubs new SUV Levante, new sedan to resurrect Ghibli moniker

    Building on the introduction of the GranCabrio MC that debuted at the Paris Motor Show, Maserati is planning three new models over the next couple of year in an attempt to raise sales to 50,000 units annually by 2015. While we think that that is a pretty lofty goal for a boutique automaker, ...

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    Report: Maserati retiring Kubang concept ahead of production debut at 2014 Detroit show

    Say goodbye to the Maserati Kubang, and say hello to...well, we don't know what it'll be called yet, but we'll be seeing it come January 2014. According to Automotive News Europe, Maserati will unveil the production version of its SUV – complete with a new name – at the 2014 Detroit ...

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    Rumormill: Maserati registers Cinqueporte, name of crossover revealed?

    It shouldn't even need to be said, but Kubang just isn't a good name for a Maserati – and that's not just because it sounds like onomatopoeia for the noise a Biturbo makes just before it becomes a Monoturbo. When the name first surfaced on a 2003 Detroit Auto Show concept, the Modenese ...

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    Frankfurt: Maserati Kubang is Italian for SUV

    "For some reason SUVs today never seem to offer the kind of uplifting driving pleasure and luxury atmosphere that are two givens of today's high-end sports and luxury cars." So says Maserati, and though we're quite certain rivals like Porsche, BMW and even Maserati's own sister-brand, Jeep, ...

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    Report: Grand Cherokee-based Maserati SUV to be built in Detroit

    Maserati is moving ahead with its plans to bring a trident-branded sport-utility vehicle into the world. Reportedly set to debut in Frankfurt later this year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee-based SUV will be built at Chrysler's Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit. That's right, an Italian-blooded ...

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    Report: Maserati to unveil Grand Cherokee-based SUV in Frankfurt

    It's go time over at the Modena headquarters of Maserati. The automaker itself set the ambitious target of doubling its sales figures, but its corporate overlord Sergio Marchionne wants the brand to increase their sales tenfold. That's ambitious and then some, and in order to get there, the ...

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    Marchionne seeking 10x sales increase for Maserati?

    Sergio Marchionne is looking to expand the Fiat Group empire, and one of Mr. M's plans is to bringing more Maserati vehicles into the world. And we're not talking about a small jump in sales either. Marchionne wants to expand Maserati sales tenfold. That's a rather bold undertaking, and would ...

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    Report: Maserati family growing larger thanks to Chinese market

    The Maserati family of automobiles is a small, tight-knit clan of exotic Italian machinery that sounds as good as it looks. Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne wants to expand that family, and capture more of the growing exotic car market that is currently taking shape in China. What does this ...

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    Report: Detroit-made Maserati SUV to carry Ferrari power

    Ferrari's high-revving powerplants are the beating heart of any of its road or racing cars, but the Prancing Horse's own aren't the only vehicles to carry Ferrari engines. Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and countless Formula One teams have benefited from Maranello's powertrain expertise. But an SUV ...

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    WSJ: Marchionne confirms Grand Cherokee-based Maserati SUV to be built in MI

    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Remember the last time Chrysler and Maserati collaborated? It was the late '80s, the car was called the Chrysler TC by Maserati,and it didn't go nearly as well as the men in charge of the project had hoped. Now, 25 years later, ...

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    Many Happy Returns? Russian designer pens Maserati Kuba concept

    Maserati Kuba design study – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It was only a few years ago, but how quickly we forget. Maserati actually toyed with the idea of building a crossover back in 2003, even going so far as to unveil a concept for the project called the Kubang GT Wagon at the ...


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