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    REPORT: Eberhard suddenly drops lawsuit against Tesla

    The civil lawsuit filed by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard against Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk has been suddenly dropped. It was just a few short weeks ago that Eberhard won something of a victory in an opening skirmish of what had threatened to be a long campaign when a judge slapped ...

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    Ex-Tesla communications director Vespremi puts the automaker in historical context

    While things have been quiet on the Tesla legal front in the battle for recognition between Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk, some of the bystanders in the saga are continuing to come forward with their takes of the story. Earlier this week, we heard from Tesla's former senior vice president of ...

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    Elon fires back at Eberhard in Tesla lawsuit's latest twist

    Shortly after Tesla Motors co-founder Martin Eberhard filed a lawsuit against Tesla Motors and its Chairman, Product Architect and CEO Elon Musk, the Silicon Valley automaker had this to say:This lawsuit is a fictionalized, inaccurate account of Tesla's early years -- it's twisted and wrong, and we ...

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    BREAKING: Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla for libel, slander and breach of contract

    The only thing surprising about Martin Eberhard's latest move is that it took so long to happen. Eberhard was co-founder of Tesla Motors along with Mark Tarpenning, and he was ousted from the company in November 2007 by then-chairman Elon Musk. Musk has never been one to hide his feelings about ...

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    Ex-Tesla CEO irked over which Roadster he's getting

    Martin Eberhard first conceived of what ultimately became Tesla Motors and the Tesla Roadster when he couldn't get AC Propulsion to build him a TZero. Since he wanted a battery-powered sports car, Eberhard set out to bring together a team that would build his dream car. Of course, it was always his ...

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    Tesla reorganized, fired founder Eberhard upset

    Michael Corleone said it best, "It's not personal, it's business." There's been a lot of turmoil in the Silicon Valley hills lately as the Tesla Motors saga continues. Departed founder Martin Eberhard reports on his blog at that the reorganization has been a "bloodbath" and ...

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    Tesla names Ze'ev Drori new CEO

    Tesla Motors has been operating with an interim CEO since last August when its founder, Martin Eberhard, stepped down as head of the company. Today the start up that promises to herald in a new era of EV motoring (if it can stay on schedule) announced the appointment of a permanent replacement. ...

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    Tesla founder and CEO Martin Eberhard steps down, but not out

    News of Tesla's co-founder and CEO Martin Eberhard stepping down has been making the rounds in both automotive and tech circles all morning. The gist is that Eberhard will become Tesla's President of Technology so he can stay hands on with the all-electric Tesla Roadster's development, while a man ...

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    Tesla Motors sells out first batch

    Reports came out yesterday that Tesla Motors had sold out its first batch of 100 Signature models, which retail at a price of between $80,000 and $120,000. It's not surprising to us that Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk and company succeeded in selling their first 100 cars. Musk, the company's chairman, ...

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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tesla Roadster Unveiling

    AutoblogGreen's intrepid editor, Sebastian Blanco, was a busy man last night at the unveiling of the Tesla Roadster in Santa Monica, CA. Check out our exclusive video (iPod format) of the unveiling that features interviews with Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard and the company's chairman Elon Musk, ...

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    Tesla Roadster unveiling in Santa Monica

    Last night Tesla Motors unveiled their uber-chic Roadster, a powerful electric vehicle that looks, feels and drives like many other high-end sports cars. The main difference is the noise. Powered by a 3-phase, 4-pole AC induction motor, the Roadster can go 130 mph and does 0-60 in about 4 seconds, ...

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    Tesla Roadster pics are out there

    That didn't take long. Despite the embargo on publishing Tesla material until 12:00 AM EST, the dam has broken and information and images of the Tesla Roadster have flooded the internet tonight. We'll credit Wired for starting the deluge, as this gallery of live images has been online for a while ...

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    Tesla CEO spotted in Autoblog comments - great debate ensues

    We're always wondered if that guy in the comments who goes by the name of "Willy Ford" is the actual scion of Henry Ford himself and CEO of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford. Probably not, but some CEOs do actively participate in the Autoblog community, like Martin Eberhard, CEO of Tesla Motors. ...


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