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AddVW XL1 gets augmented reality repair app

With a pricetag of about $150,000, buyers of the upcoming, limited-edition Volkswagen XL1 will probably wish that the repair bills be "virtual" as well, but VW's new "augmented reality" feature will only apply to the repairs themselves, at least for now. Europe's biggest automaker, which is preparing to start selling limited numbers of the XL1, is using Munich's InsideAR Conference later this week to show off an augmented reality project that will allow technicians to simulate repairs of the veh

AddFlexcar partners with MARTA in Atlanta

I haven't spent a whole lot of time driving in Atlanta, but I've done enough to know that the city's highways can be a true nightmare. Wide roads that feel about 18 lanes across and all of them full of traffic. The crazy speeds some people drive there is enough to cause some folks to do "civil obedience" and drive at the 55 mph speed limit. So, for those of you near Atlanta who are sick of driving and have been wanting to give up driving a car most of the time, Flexcar and MARTA would like to sp

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