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    Veteran journalist Gillies takes job as VW product and technology communications manager

    Former Car and Driver executive editor and veteran automotive journalist Mark Gillies has signed on with the Volkswagen PR machine as product and technology communications manager. Gillies spent 28 years making the rounds among automotive publications, working as an editor at David E. Davis, ...

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    Are electronics making cars obsolete faster?

    If just about any part breaks on your 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, you could probably get a replacement from a hundred different outlets. If the black box goes out on your 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII, your car becomes little more than a giant paperweight. With the profusion of different cars and the ...

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    Ford wants workers to 'become walking advertisements'

    In all of recorded employment history, it has never been a good thing when the boss "requests" that employees talk up the company, especially when non-employees know that those workers are operating under orders. Nevertheless, that is exactly the road Ford appears to have taken as part of the "Way ...

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    Watch out, Lexus: Hyundai considering premium brand

    Hyundai's product line-up has been both steadily improving and moving up-market, first with the launch of the Veracruz luxury SUV and now with the announcement of the upcoming Genesis RWD V8 luxury sedan. The emergence of the premium Hyundais has lead to industry speculation that the burgeoning ...


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