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    Report: GM's Reuss says rear-wheel drive Scion FR-S rival "on the list"

    According to Australian site, General Motors North American boss, Mark Reuss, has expressed high interest in creating a small, rear-wheel-drive coupe to rival the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. If something like this ever came to production, it could take the shape of the Chevrolet ...

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    Report: Reuss says GM "fundamentally" behind diesel in US, promises more models

    General Motors is sometimes faulted for poisoning demand for diesel engines in the US. But 30 years later, The General is warming to the idea of consumer-targeted oil burners again. GM President Mark Reuss tells that if he has a say, his company will again sell a bunch of ...

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    Featured: How the SS will become Chevy's four-door Corvette halo car

    "This is not a return of the Pontiac G8." Yesterday on a stage on the Encore Theater at The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Chevrolet revealed its NASCAR SS, the race car that will contest next year's Sprint Cup series. A lot of people are talking about this car, and doing so well beyond the ...

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    GM's Reuss: Next Cadillac Escalade to be "much less ostentatious"

    Within the next year or so, Cadillac will be launching its fourth-generation Escalade, and the SUV will be entering into a very different market than the one its predecessor first encountered in 2006. Over its history, General Motors' most expensive SUV has carved out a high-profile, highly ...

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    Why Buick's Encore wasn't a Chevy

    Buick is taking a gamble with its 2013 Encore. General Motors' near-luxury brand has enjoyed great success attracting conquest buyers to its larger Enclave crossover, but it has never offered something quite like this small CUV. Very early signs suggest that the gamble might be working. ...

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    Report: GM now tying all employee bonuses to customer loyalty

    Since it emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, General Motors has been spending a goodly amount of effort trying to prove that the "New GM" does things differently than the company that squandered over 15 points of market share in the past two decades. Its latest gambit is linking salaried employee ...

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    Report: GMC version of Chevy Colorado to look "significantly differentiated" - if it gets built

    The mid-size pickup truck segment should get a much-needed shot in the arm when the global Chevrolet Colorado reaches our shores in the near future. We're not exactly sure when the Colorado will be built and sold here, but thanks to its 2011 reveal we have a good idea of what it will look like. ...

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    Official: Chevy Volt will receive safety enhancements, but don't call it a recall

    The Chevrolet Volt is about to get safer. That's the big message from GM today as the company announced structural and cooling system "safety enhancements" that are intended to better distribute the car's energy load from a crash and, thus, better protect the battery from potential fires. Mark ...

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    Report: GMC to go further upscale?

    Despite sharing a lot of dirty bits underneath, General Motors has done a commendable job lately of differentiating GMC and Chevrolet. Look at the Equinox and Terrain or the Acadia and Traverse as proof. Both pairs of vehicles share the same underpinnings, yet each have their own look. That's a ...

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    GM's Mark Reuss says Nissan Leaf is a "single-purpose" car that he wouldn't put in the hands of his three kids

    Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America, recently voiced his opinions on a slew of issues with the Nashville Business Journal. Reuss spoke of GM's future, the role of the Chevrolet Volt and more. But when the discussion turned to the Nissan Leaf, it became obvious that Reuss is not ...

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    Chevrolet Volt production officially begins today, GM auctioning first one for charity [w/video]

    First Chevrolet Volt gets built – Click above to watch the time-lapse video
    Want to be like Lance Armstrong and get the first available production model of one of the most eagerly-awaited vehicles of the decade? You can, if you're willing to bid some money to help the Detroit Public Schools ...

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    Report: Top GM execs awarded millions in stock ahead of IPO

    It pays to be an executive for General Motors. Actually, scratch that... it will soon pay to be an executive with General Motors, assuming that the automaker's upcoming Initial Public Offering takes place according to plan. According to our friends at, a dozen top officials at ...

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    GM President Mark Reuss: Chevrolet Cruze Coupe "may show up"

    Chevrolet Cruze - click above for high-res image gallery
    Check out this little nugget General Motor's North American president Mark Reuss let slip during a recent web chat: "[...] 2 door cruze is a nice idea, and it may show up in the global market. As we have 2 door Cobalts currently, [North ...

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    GM announces sweeping North American management shuffle

    It may be tough to remember the news earlier in the day that Bryan Nesbitt would be out as the head of Cadillac and back to his old position as executive director, advanced concept group. A metric ton of reveals from the Geneva Motor Show has a tendency to do that kind of thing... but General ...

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    Report: GM's Mark Reuss ponders return of VE Commodore to U.S.

    Holden VE Ute – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As if General Motors hasn't endured enough turmoil in the last year, is reporting that GM North America president Mark Reuss is championing the idea of a stateside Holden VE Ute. Pardon us for thinking this issue was ...

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    Saab Saga Update: Genii and Spyker pondering joint bid? Workers rally in Trollhätten, etc.

    Saab: A history in pictures – Click above for high-res gallery
    Despite the fact that the Detroit Auto Show put the focus back on General Motors' new products and pulled the spotlight away from the will-they/won't-they saga that is the Saab sale/wind-down, there are no shortage of ...

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    Report: GM may reopen factories to keep up with high demand

    2010 Cadillac SRX – Click above for high-res gallery
    General Motors had a tough 2009, but one very bright spot was the success of some of its newest models. GM North America President Mark Reuss has informed reporters at the Detroit Auto Show that the plants that build the Cadillac SRX, ...

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    Detroit 2010: Quote of the day

    "... a lot of stuff happened." - Mark Reuss, General Motors' new North American president, on 2009 [Image by Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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    BREAKING: Whitacre to shakeup GM management, put Lutz in product planning [UPDATE: Confirmed]

    Having just been appointed interim CEO at General Motors earlier this week, ex-AT&T man Ed Whitacre isn't wasting any time in exercising his newfound authority. According to The Wall Street Journal, Whitacre is to announce a number of management changes this morning, including moving Vice ...

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    REPORT: SS badge to return to its roots at Chevy

    When the SS badge returned to Chevrolet, we were pretty excited. But then the double letter #19 made its way onto the last generation Malibu, and we were immediately and nearly permanently turned off. General Motors later turned up the heat with the turbocharged Cobalt SS and HHR SS, and while we ...


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