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    Report: Ex-GM VP LaNeve takes over Lincoln ad agency

    Those of you that caught yesterday's op-ed about Lincoln will have heard already, but Mark LaNeve has taken the helm at Team Detroit. Once the North American vice president of sales, service and marketing for General Motors, LaNeve will now head up the agency that handles all of Ford advertising. ...

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    Report: Former GM marketing chief LaNeve turns up at Ford ad agency [w/video]

    No, not Joel Ewanick. Mark LaNeve, who formerly ran General Motors' Cadillac division, and then went on to head sales and marketing, has turned up as chief operating officer of Team Detroit, Ford's global ad agency based in Dearborn. LaNeve, 53, left GM in late 2009 in the wake of the ...

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    REPORT: One week after announcing GM departure, Mark LaNeve surfaces at Allstate

    When word got out that Mark LaNeve (right) was leaving General Motors effective October 15, we weren't at all sure where the soon-to-be-former exec was heading. The Wall Street Journal has finally let the cat out of the bag, reporting that LaNeve is leaving the auto business for a marketing gig ...

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    BREAKING: Mark LaNeve leaving GM effective October 15

    Mark LaNeve, General Motors' head of U.S. sales, is reportedly set to leave the company on October 15th. LaNeve had been appointed GM North America vice president of marketing and advertising back in September of 2004 after starting his career as the brand manager for the now-defunct Pontiac ...

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    Bob Lutz unhappy with new Buick campaign?

    Buick LaCrosse "Photo Shoot" ad - Click the image above to view the video after the jump
    Looks like there could be too many cooks in the Buick PR kitchen, and the soup is looking worried. For the new GM to get on its feet, Buick has to find its feet. To do that, Buick has created a number of ad ...

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    GM marketing boss Mark LaNeve apparently unaware that diesel is now cheaper than gas

    Over the last several years, we've heard a lot of excuses from many auto executives as to why their companies aren't offering diesel engines in their American market cars. Yesterday, General Motors' Mark LaNeve, the company's vice president of sales and marketing, made an appearance on C-SPAN's ...

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    GM could renew Total Confidence program in May

    A bit of positive news about General Motors: April sales were up 15% compared to March. GM Sales and Marketing Vice President Mark LaNeve notes that April is typically worse for sales than March and credits GM's Total Confidence program for the reversal. Since Hyundai rolled out its Assurance ...

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    Official: GM shrinking to four brands; Pontiac to four models

    In an interview Sunday with Automotive News (sub. req'd), Troy Clarke, GM's North American president, said that General Motors will be able to make good on its promise to Congress to drastically cut costs. Clarke said that GM will now focus its "product and marketing resources" on Buick, Chevrolet, ...

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    GM to delay dealer incentive payments

    From November 28 to December 11, GM is holding back incentive payments to dealers, including dealer cash and customer cash. Why? in the words of Mark LaNeve, GM's VP of North American sales, because "Anytime you can delay any kind of a payment, it helps cash flow" And cash is probably the most ...

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    LaNeve says that Chevy ads must change

    "Like a Rock" might now refer to how quickly Chevy drops its long-time advertising agency if it doesn't get with the program. According to Advertising Age, GM marketing chief Mark LaNeve sent a stern message to Campbell-Ewald, the agency responsible for the bulk of Chevy's ads since 1922. LaNeve's ...

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    Making it official: Saturn Astra confirmed by GM

    At a GM function Autoblog attended Wednesday night, Mark LaNeve, in his remarks to the assembled media, mentioned the Astra by name when responding to a question about Saturn. That was the first time we'd heard anyone from GM refer to the forthcoming Ion replacement by its Opel moniker in a Saturn ...

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    General Motors planning to keep Saab, Hummer

    Mark LaNeve is out to put the kybosh on any notion that General Motors has designs on folding Saab and/or Hummer in its bid for solvency. The automaker's head of North American sales and marketing noted in a conference call that the two brands are "intrinsically woven" into GM's global ...


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