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mark hotchkis

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    Video: Watch this Hotchkis Porsche 962 obliterate Laguna Seca at Rennsport

    There are many things to love about the Rennsport Reunion. Stacks of beautiful Porsche metal, the chance to meet racing legends face to face and the sound of historic race cars barking at the paddock walls all make for an experience unlike any other. But for us, the best part is watching those ...

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    VIDEO: Hotchkis Porsche 962 laps up Laguna Seca

    GTP Hotchkis Porsche 962 -- click image above to watch the video
    In the mid-Eighties, Porsche released the 962, a long-wheelbase variant of the 956, to compete in IMSA's GTP class and later in Group C (as the 962C). Even though IMSA's GTP rules stipulated that only one (unfortunately named) KKK ...


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