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    Detroit 2009: Little Bigtime - Concept C takes Lincoln in a brand-new direction

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Lincoln Concept C
    var digg_url = ''; Play the word association game with an average American, and when the topic is "Lincoln," you're likely to hear ...

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    Mulally's replacement could come from within Ford... or maybe not

    Joe Laymon isn't on the short list of successors for Ford CEO Alan Mulally, and it's unlikely you've ever heard of him, but if you want to get to the top at the Blue Oval, this is the guy you stop by Starbucks for on the way to work. Laymon is in charge of keeping a list of internal candidates ...

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    New York 2008: Mark Fields hails a Transit Connect Taxi Concept

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Ford Transit Connect TaxiWhere better than New York for Ford to show off a taxi cab? And what better platform than the company's new Transit Connect van? Ford's Mark Fields and designer J. Mays were on hand for the unveiling of the Transit Connect Taxi ...

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    Industry leaders predictions for '08; Lutz angrier than ever

    Between top X lists and hastily written end-of-the-year musings, the final day of 2007 is looking a lot like last year's run of retrospectives. Although some of the stories are different, many of the players have remained the same, so Tom Walsh from the Freep shot out a dozen emails to some of the ...

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    Ford might increase cuts in slow economy

    Mark "the Mullet" Fields dropped some small ordinance during an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, saying that if the slow U.S. economy puts the automaker at risk of not meeting its financial goals for the next two years, it may increase the rate at which it will cut costs.To quote ...

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    Mulally pockets $28 million in 2006

    Reuters is reporting that while Ford Motor Co. posted a $12.7 billion loss last year, its new Chief Executive earned $28.18 million. And that was for four months worth of work. Alan Mulally's pay for 2006 included salary and stock options, as well as an $18.5 million bonus. The man Mulally ...

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    Mark Fields to white-collar crew: "How do you feel?"

    If you are still here after seeing your friends and colleagues pink-slipped (or encouraged to take buyouts or early retirement), then we want to know how you're feeling. That was the basic message sent to Ford's white-collar workers today by Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields. Top Ford ...

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    Ford earns poor marks on own internal report card

    We're getting mixed signals from Ford. One week ago the automaker announced it was distributing bonuses to every single one of its salaried and hourly workers, just to say thanks for helping the company reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the ranks. Today we learn that Ford President of the ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: 2008 Ford Taurus X unveiled

    High-res gallery of live and press pics available by clicking above imageToday in Chicago, Ford Motor Company's Cisco Codina unveiled the new Freestyle Taurus X. As we told you in our preview post, the Taurus X loses the Freestyle name but gains the Edge's face. It's a simple act that helps build a ...

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    Ford's Mark Fields announces Bold Move: Bring back Taurus & Sable brands

    Making both a bold and simple move, Ford's North American boss Mark Fields confirmed this morning what we already knew, that the Taurus and Sable brands will be resurrected for 2008. Fields, delivering the keynote address at the Chicago Auto Show this morning, said the Ford Five Hundred nameplate ...

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    Mark Fields gives up his flying perks

    On 11/15, we reported about the expensive flights on Ford's corporate jet that Mark Fields was taking every weekend from Detroit to his home in Florida. Today, Mr. Fields announced to the workers at Ford that he would forgo the perk, guaranteed to him as a part of his compensation package, and make ...

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    Could the Big Three learn from Apple?

    Associated Press Business Writer Tom Krisher makes a few good points about how the Big Three (or 2.5 if you prefer) could stand to learn from Apple's comeback. Well, ok, one good, though not exactly new, point. We've all heard it, if not said it ourselves. It's all about the product. Just like ...

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    Ford says "No diesel for you!" to American buyers

    The Focus we should've received - diesel-powered, 50 MPG and thoughtfully styled.During an interview with Automotive News, Mark Fields, Ford's U.S. division president, said that the automaker would not be offering diesels in any of its passenger cars in the near future. For the time being at least, ...

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    Ford's Fields says F-Series will stay #1

    Bring it on! Ford Motor Co. president of the Americas Mark Fields says that Ford's F-Series pickups will continue to be America's favorite truck, despite Toyota's new Tundra and GM's resurgence with their new Sierra and Silverado. And that wasn't a shot at the competition, rather a pledge to stay ...

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    Ford to spend $866m on Michigan plants

    The timing for the announcement couldn't have come at a better time for Ford Motor Company or the state of Michigan. Just days before the North American International Auto Show opens to the public in Detroit, Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields announced that the company will invest $866 ...

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    Ford announces corporate realignment

    Not long after we told you about the likely promotion of Derrick Kuzak to the role of global Car Czar, President and CEO of Ford Alan Mulally officially announced his corporate realignment plan. At the top of the pyramid is, of course, Mulally himself. Reporting to him are the leaders of Ford's ...

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    Mark Fields under fire for expensive flights home

    Steve Wilson, a reporter for WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, has taken the President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company, Mark Fields, to task for the weekly flights the executive takes from Detroit to his home in Delray Beach, Florida. Fields uses a company jet for the flights, which itself isn't ...

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    4,000 Ford workers take buyout

    During a conference call yesterday, FoMoCo's President, Mark Fields, announced that over 4,000 workers would take early retirement from the Ford-owned Visteon plant in Michigan.Employees had until last Friday to make their decision and of the 10,400 workers currently employed at the plant, ...

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    Ford forced to weather the storm through 2008

    By now, everyone knows that Ford Motor is in trouble in North America, largely because of a product line that missed a rapid shift in consumer preferences, but there's a limit to how quickly the company will be able to restructure to meet the challenge, according to Ford's president for American ...

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    Ford's Accelerated Way Forward Plan details announced

    All right, we got up this early to get Ford's announcement first thing, so let's get to it. Ford has announced, in a nutshell, that Way Forward 2.0 will include a further reduction in its production capacity and work force combined with a "ramp up" of new product introductions. The company also ...


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