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The move gives the British carriers a reason to exist.

The USMC will join the Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment.

Mattis' tough stance towards Iran matches Trump's.

Mattis enjoys extensive popularity among US troops and Republican leaders, like Sen. John McCain.

Because this aircraft couldn't do enough already.

It won't carry a lot of fuel, but it's enough to keep USMC fighters on station a little longer.

Land, sea, and airborne drones could save US Marines.

But first, the Marines will start by equipping its infantry squads with simple quadcopters.

One of the world's biggest military exercises guarantees some good photos.

We perused thousands of images and gathered a few of our very favorites from this year's Rim of the Pacific exercises off the coast of Hawaii.

The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System can carry an M240 machine gun or a 40-mm grenade launcher.

Controlled and reloaded by an infantryman, MAARS is a long way from being a true Terminator, but it is an armed robot and that's still kind of scary.

Flight training times are up from last year, but are still too far below the 16.5-hour-per-month minimum.

Pilots are averaging seven to 11 hours per month, up from the six- to nine-hour average from a year ago, but still well below the Corps' minimum requirement.

The US Marine Corps and Army are getting serious about protecting their tanks from missile attacks.

Army, Marines push back initial operational capability for JLTV due to Lockheed Martin protest.

Oshkosh Defense was forced to idle its work on the JLTV, the vehicle replacing the Humvee, creating a domino effect that's now impacting troops.

Spending on big aircraft carriers and missile subs is hurting America's fighting abilities in today's conflict, a prominent Marine Corps general argues.

A classified internal report points to major issues in the US Marine Corps' CH-53 fleet, including major readiness issues and lack of pilot training.

Some US Marines had a good ole time in the name of training, drifting their 60-plus-ton M1A1 Abrams tank along icy stretches of rural Norway.

12 Crewmen Missing, High Surf Complicates Search And Rescue

Two CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters carrying 12 crewman collided early this morning while operating in the dark off the Hawaiian coast.

What do you do when your dreams of being a fighter pilot are dashed? Good question. What you shouldn't do, though, is steal a USMC fighter for a joyride.

Marines from the US and the Republic of Korea demonstrate the precision and organization that goes into a modern amphibious landing.

With more speed and cargo-hauling ability than most helicopters, the USMC's MV-22 Osprey could prove an able partner in US disaster relief operations.

An internal Pentagon report has uncovered a number of issues with at-sea testing of the US Marine Corps' variant of the F-35B Lightning II.

One retired Air Force official is arguing once again that a single-service "executive agent" should be managing the DoD's drone operations.

Oshkosh Defense has officially been awarded the contract for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, the US military's replacement for the venerable Humvee.

Much has been made about the F-35's lack of close-air support ability, but based on this video of a gun test, its 25-mm cannon doesn't appear to be lacking.

With the signature of the USMC commandant, the F-35B will become fully operational, and the Corps will start ramp up training of pilots and maintenance crews.

Automatic spending caps may force the US government to curb its $400B acquisition program for the F-35 and trimming total JSF fleet down from nearly 2,500.

The Marine Corps' F-35B completed its first operational test aboard the USS Wasp, taking off, hovering, and landing with actual Marines at the controls.

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