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margo oge

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    Report: Did a US automaker blow the whistle on Hyundai, Kia fuel economy issue?

    In all of the most hotly contested mainstream segments of the motoring universe, the difference of one mile per gallon averaged on a widow sticker can mean the difference between a sale and a walk-off – to say nothing of two or three mpg. So, when Hyundai and Kia were forced to reveal that ...

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    Automakers facing a 75 mpg CAFE rating by 2030?

    The Big Predictions for the Future have begun. This is the numbers game where eye-popping numerical targets start being thrown around before we've come anywhere close to achieving the eyebrow raising targets that are still 14 years away. According to Margo Oge at the EPA, the CAFE standard will ...

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    EPA seeks armistice in horsepower wars

    Margo Oge, EPA director-office of transportation and air quality, has made a plea to the auto industry to end the current horsepower wars that have produced such vehicles as the 620-hp Corvette ZR1. Instead, she hopes the industry, specifically domestic automakers, will start a new war, a green ...


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