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march madness

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    Video: First 2013 Buick Encore TV ad features... dinosaurs

    The whole "SUVs as dinosaurs" trope has become something of a threadbare cliché among auto writers, but that doesn't mean the wider world of consumers has caught on to the Jurassic nature of our line of thinking. That's what General Motors appears to be betting on, at least. Just check out ...

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    Consumer Reports holding tournament to crown Drivers' Choice champion

    Consumer Reports has added itself to the insanity that is March Madness with a bracket all its own. Consumer Reports will crown this year's driver's choice champion with an NCAA Tournament-style bracket made up of four "regions," which in this case relate to types of cars. First-round voting has ...

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    GM sales incentives alive and well

    Despite GM's widely promoted "value pricing" program, the automaker is still a compulsive user of short-term incentives to boost sales. Coming up, the GM "March Madness" promotion (and was there ever a more appropriate tagline?).The Detroit News cites leaked GM documents ...


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