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    Ford extending MAP text support to more models

    In the sixth major software update to Ford's SYNC system, the automaker is extending Message Access Protocol (MAP) Bluetooth support to select 2011 and 2012 models, giving drivers the ability to have text messages and emails read aloud in their SYNC-equipped vehicles. MAP Bluetooth support has ...

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    Study: Average male drives extra 276 miles/year because he won't stop for directions

    That long-running joke about men unwilling to stop for directions? Well, it's no joke, at least not according to British insurance firm Sheilas' Wheels. In fact, the average male motorist in Britain travels some 276 extra miles per year simply because he refuses to ask for directions. Worse yet, ...

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    Chronolyze unleashes the potential of Porsche's Sport Chrono Plus

    Chronolyze software – Click above for high-res image gallery of screen shots
    Porsche's optional "Sport Chrono Package" adds a Sport button to the center console that kicks throttle, suspension and engine behavior up a few notches. It also adds a cool swivel-mounted timer to the center of ...

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    I'm sorry, Dave - more autonomy in the name of safety?

    "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that." That type of belligerence might be coming to your car under the guise of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Many cars can already be had with the necessary hardware like GPS navigation systems that help a vehicle determine its ...

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    Joy to the World: Honda F1 ditches globe livery

    The Honda Racing F1 Team didn't win a lot of fans when it pulled the bold move of ditching its sponsors and painting the 2007 car like a globe. Thankfully, the Japanese team has revealed that it'll be ditching the map scheme for next season's car, the RA108. The world map livery was instituted ...

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    Gas map shows shades of rising prices

    Found this map via a link at that shows gas prices around the country by county. The map is color coded with the lowest prices glowing green in the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. The color red indicates the counties in which the price of gas is on fire. California is not ...


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