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    ETC: Austrian policeman victim of explosive poo trap

    My cousins lived next to a big cow pasture in Platteville, WI, when we were all kids. Those boys knew how to have a good time in the country, and when my brother and I came to visit one year, they divulged the fun that could be had by rigging cow patties (that's a pile of poo, for you city ...

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    Environmentalists treat Jeremy Clarkson's lawn driveway to steaming pile of manure

    There are many things Top Gear front-man Jeremy Clarkson could be labeled as. Celebrity? Check. Petrolhead? Check. Environmentalist? Um, no. Whenever Clarkson has gotten the chance to get some seat time in what might be construed as an eco-friendly automobile, he always seems to find plenty not ...

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    Saw dust shortage to affect car prices?

    In the past few years, we've all heard about the price of cars and trucks being impacted by the price of steel. We've also heard about the reduction in the numbers of trucks sold due to the downturn of the housing market. According to this article (sub. req'd), there is a new raw material ...


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