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    BMW to increase U.S. sourcing, and possibly manufacturing volume

    After the announcement last month that BMW was increasing U.S. production while cutting jobs in Germany, the CFO of the German automaker, Michael Ganal, told WirtschaftsWoche magazine that the automaker intends to make other significant changes as the dollar continues to depreciate against the ...

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    European coachbuilders will sink or swim in changing market

    We've posted a number of articles in recent months about coachbuilders like Pininfarina and Bertone finding themselves in financially troubled waters. The difficulties these and other independent manufacturers around Europe are suffering now appear to be part of a larger trend that's forcing these ...

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    Post-merger, Fiat ditches Nanjing joint venture

    Hot on the heels of Nanjing Auto's merger with SAIC, Fiat has announced it has pulled out of the automotive joint venture it had embarked upon with Nanjing. The Sino-Italian operation had been a money-losing enterprise for years. Fiat says that Nanjing failed to live up to its commitments to the ...

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    Bertone-Fiat negotiations fall through

    With just days to go before its investors meeting later this week, it's back to the drawing board for Bertone. According to emerging reports, a proposed deal that would have seen Fiat come to the rescue for the struggling coachbuilder and design house with a manufacturing contract has fallen ...

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    Nissan to build fewer Titans

    Nissan North America has decided to cut production of the Nissan Titan, which is pushing a 100-day pileup and is down over 20,000 units and 1.7 percent as compared with last year. Nissan says it would like to lessen the supply to 75 days or less. The problem is one often experienced by automakers ...


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