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mansory mclaren mp4-12c

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    Geneva: Mansory McLaren MP4-12C is any which way but subtle

    We'll admit when we saw drawings of the McLaren MP4-12C as tuned by Mansory we thought it just another Mansory moment. Perhaps it was the dull grapefruit color, muddy black contrasting bits and burnt yellow wheels. However, seeing it in person at the Geneva Motor Show, we'll admit it has our ...

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    Official: Mansory tunes McLaren MP4-12C for Geneva

    The Geneva Motor Show party can't really begin until Mansory shows up, and here they are with a McLaren MP4-12C that has been turned into "a work of art." Since Mansory makes most of its paintings in carbon fiber, that means new hood, roof, rear wing and mirror housings as well as wider fenders ...


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