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Geely, the Chinese company that also owns Volvo, now owns Manganese Bronze Holdings (MBH), makers of London's Black Cab. MBH went into administration late last year, and some had looked to Geely to rescue the company in which it had a 19.7-percent equity stake. Although it's taken three months to strike a deal, and more than half of the workforce was let go, Geely finally agreed to buy MBH for 11.4 million pounds ($17.9M US).


The roots of London's Black Cab dig all the way back to the Austin FX3 of 1948, the current overall shape recognized by any modern visitor to London showing up in 1958 on the Austin FX4. Manganese Bronze Holdings Plc has been the company behind the Black Cab since 1984, but failing to invest in the product and increased competition have sent the icon into administration. Manganese has posted losses since 2008, sold a share of itself to Geely (yes, that Geely) in 2010, and had to post a 3.9 milli


Nanomaterials are all the rage in battery chemistry these days, with both A123 and Altairnano relying on the tiny particles to improve the performance of their cells. Scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory are now testing adding manganese to the typical mix of lithium, cobalt, nickel and copper and creating nanocrystals that can absorb more electrons during charging and thereby increasing the energy capacity of the battery. So far, tests have shown more than double the storage capacity wh

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