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    Report: Bentley/Bugatti chief Durheimer moving to Audi in management shake-up

    Running a high-end automobile manufacturer like Bentley or Bugatti has got to be a dream job for most any business executive. And Wolfgang Dürheimer gets to run them both – but not for much longer, according to the latest reports coming in from trade publication Automotive News ...

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    Report: Toyota advisory panel says safety management changes aren't enough

    When Toyota recalled millions of vehicles for floor mat entrapment and sticky accelerator pedals, many thought the event would serve as a wake-up call for the world's largest automaker. While Toyota has no doubt taken considerable steps to rectify any quality lapses, a panel being paid for by the ...

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    REPORT: Workers with union desk jobs being sent back to factory floor

    In an action that is symbolic of the changes America's auto industry is undergoing, the cushy "union desk job" is reportedly about to disappear for many. According to The Detroit Free Press, UAW bosses at post-bankrupt Chrysler and General Motors plants are informing hundreds of elected and ...

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    Toyota's drastic overhaul to reportedly replace 40% of management

    In an effort to slow the crash, Toyota Motor Corp. is undertaking a massive overhaul and management reorganization next month when Akio Toyoda takes over as president. Toyoda, the grandson of Toyota's founder, will be officially appointed on June 23 at the annual shareholder's meeting. With the new ...

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    Fritz gets promoted to GM president and COO

    General Motors has reintroduced the position of President and Chief Operating Officer with the naming of Fritz Henderson to the post by Rick Wagoner. Henderson's move up from Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer sees Ray Young moving from group VP of finance to Executive Vice President and ...

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    Toyota whistleblower joined by civil suit over father's death

    A faulty seatbelt that traps an occupant in a vehicle and leads to his death is a horrible tragedy. If the defect were given a pass at the manufacturing plant, it goes beyond tragic to criminal. Toyota is now facing two lawsuits in California, both centered around manufacturing defects that may ...

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    Formula One parent company buys GP2 Series

    Reports emerging over the weekend indicate that GP2 has been purchased by CVC Capital Partners for a reported $300 million. Dang. What's GP2, you ask? It's a second-tier "feeder" racing series started in 2005 to give up-and-coming drivers a place to display their skills on a worldwide scale and a ...

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    Toyota's F1-san calls it quits

    Any way you look at it, Toyota's foray into Formula 1 has not yielded positive results. Despite throwing unprecedented amounts of money at the effort, their F1 team has not produced the kind of results to which the automotive giant has become accustomed. So they've apparently decided that it was ...

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    New York Preview: Nissan to introduce new variable valve timing tech

    Ever-tightening emissions requirements, teamed with consumers' lust for today's high horsepower numbers, have led to some creative valve timing and lift schemes. Infiniti's G37 will be pack some interesting tech underhood when it debuts at the upcoming New York International Auto Show. There are ...

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    Ford announces corporate realignment

    Not long after we told you about the likely promotion of Derrick Kuzak to the role of global Car Czar, President and CEO of Ford Alan Mulally officially announced his corporate realignment plan. At the top of the pyramid is, of course, Mulally himself. Reporting to him are the leaders of Ford's ...

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    Ferrari management update: Schumacher, Todt and the whole family

    Piece by piece, Ferrari has been confirming the reports and ending the speculation with several announcements about the future of some of their key personnel and the positions they hold in the Scuderia family. The most recent news came today with the announcement that now-retired driving legend ...

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    Changing Direction: management changes at Ferrari

    Only a few days after the end of the 2006 season, reports are surfacing indicating that there's going to be a real shake-up in the management at Ferrari, primarily at the "Scuderia" F1 racing division, but also affecting the road car division as well. It's been long expected that Technical ...


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