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    Report: HSV sales strong despite Aussie slump, around 20% of Ford Falcon sales

    The economic doldrums are having a hard time sullying the teflon-coated sales numbers of Holden Special Vehicles, the division that serves the same purpose within Holden that AMG does within Mercedes-Benz. Despite a slump in purchases of large sedans that has affected General Motors' standard ...

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    Aussie Envy: HSV E Series 2 lineup unveiled

    The HSV E Series 2 lineup - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Just as wounds from the Pontiac G8 being ripped from us are beginning to scar over, HSV has torn them open anew by revealing version 2.0 of its Commodore-based E Series lineup. It's facelifts all around for the gang of Aussie ...

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    Sydney 2007: Holden HSV Maloo R8 a "coupe with a damn big boot!"

    click either image above to view more live and official shots of the HSV Maloo R8 var digg_url = ''; Those are the words of John Clark, Chief Engineer for the just unveiled Holden HSV Maloo R8 ute. Currently rotating on a ...

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    Sydney 2007: Holden Commodore Sportwagon and HSV Maloo break cover again

    Automakers go to great lengths preventing images and details of new cars being released prior to their official debut, but sometimes, well... often, they still fail. Holden is the latest automaker to suffer this fate, with images of its new VE Commodore wagon and high-performance HSV Maloo ute ...

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    Holden VE Wagon and HSV Ute Maloo peeked at presentation

    click either image to enlargeWe don't have all the details on how these two images were obtained, but it appears they were snapped during a product presentation for future Holden vehicles. We see for the first time Holden's VE Commodore Wagon, which is based on the newish VE Commodore sedan and ...


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