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88Lincoln dons the Black Label

Custom Program Launches In December On MKZ, MKC

"We're really trying to simplify for the customer on their terms." – Paul Bucek

49BMW maintenance plan no longer transferrable to 2nd owner [UPDATE]

One of the best innovations in car buying in recent years is the rise of no-cost scheduled maintenance programs. Many people feel really anxious about taking their car in for service, and these deals help mitigate that somewhat. Obviously, it's not free for automakers to implement the offers, and now BMW is altering the way its four-year, 50,000-mile Maintenance Program works for some owners. "To keep such an offer sustainable we had to make a change," said Kenn Sparks, Manager of Business Commu

13Women Lag Behind Men In Car Maintenance Knowledge

Study finds a wide gap in understanding basic car care

Stereotypes are usually outdated, but some can still ring slightly true. For instance, a new study found women are less likely to know how to make the most basic care repairs.

111Neglected Rolls-Royce Phantom may be the saddest of all time

Rolls-Royce prides itself on exemplifying the pinnacle of automotive elegance. The brand is synonymous with quality and luxury. However, in the end even a Rolls is still just a car, and if you don't keep it up, it's bound to fail. That deterioration can be seriously fun to watch, though.

35Nissan Leaf 6-month service is a simple tire-rotating, coffee-drinking pit stop

Most vehicles today require routine maintenance at predetermined intervals. For the Nissan Leaf, the first required check-up comes at the 15,000-mile (or one year) mark. But Nissan North America still "recommends" a six-month service stop.

11Ferrari NA launches free seven-year maintenance on back of record sales

There's no question that buying a Ferrari is an expensive proposition. But so is owning one. The cost of insurance, fuel, tires and maintenance can be crushing, but it now becomes much easier, as Ferrari announces a free seven-year maintenance program for newly purchased vehicles.

6Ferrari offers scheduled maintenance program for 7 years in Europe, other markets to follow

Ferrari has started offering a free, seven-year maintenance plan for customers in Europe. The plan covers all 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia, California Spyder or FF models bought at an authorized Prancing Horse dealership. For now, the program is only available across the pond, but will make it to these shores later in the year.

35Video: Plug In America's latest PSA pokes fun at endless gas engine maintenance costs

Plug In America's "Clothes" PSA – Click above to watch video after the jump

28Study: Female drivers avoid touching dipsticks

In a study conducted by UK used car website Autoquake.com, it seems that women are less likely to to perform basic maintenance compared to men.

20Toyota, Scion adds two-year free scheduled maintenance on all models

Toyota knows better than most the value of customer satisfaction and confidence in one's products. Having suffered a series of blows to its image with all of the recalls and safety issues that emerged regarding its vehicles recently, the automaker has responded by launching a complimentary maintenance plan for its customers. But while that promotion was initially part of a seasonal sales initiative, overwhelming positive feedback for the promotion has prompted Toyota Motor Sales USA to announce

48STUDY: Despite insurance breaks, hybrids driven more, cost more to fix, and get more tickets

2010 Honda Insight EX - Click above for high-res image gallery

16STUDY: Despite insurance breaks, hybrids driven more, cost more to fix, and get more tickets

2010 Honda Insight EX - Click above for high-res image gallery

10Motor Trend getting into the used car business?

Motor Trend is lending its name and brand to a certified used car program at Planet Honda in Union, New Jersey. The program is actually "powered by" EasyCare, a company that provides a suite of contract services like maintenance and repair warranties and GAP insurance to new owners. (EasyCare was a Motor Trend "Best Buy" last year.) Formerly called APCO, EasyCare was until last year a Ford subsidiary. As a private company, it still oversees the certified used car programs for Land Rover, Volvo,

8Volvo bringing back free maintenance program

It's our pleasure to announce that the economic downturn is responsible for something you might actually want, other than cheap gas: Volvo is offering free maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles on all 2009 models. Volvo ran the program most recently until 2006. But with sales in the tank, Volvo dealers have been pleading with Volvo to bring it back in a bid to get more customers. Volvo higher ups finally agreed, and dealers think that this will help a potential customer choose Volvo over a

7Driving Less? Don't forget you still need some basic maintenance

Over the past year, Americans have significantly scaled back the number of miles they drive as gas prices have hit record levels. Cutting back the miles and parking the car, does not however mean that you should completely ignore some simple maintenance. While a car that's not accumulating miles doesn't need to have the oil or filters changed as frequently, if you plan on driving it occasionally there are things you should still do. A car that's sitting idle can still loose air from its tires, a

36Cost of vehicle maintenance is escalading

The pains many automobile owners are feeling at their local service station isn't just at the pump -- prices for general maintenance is also increasing. Petroleum based products, such as oil and tires, are heading north with the price of gasoline. Demand for steel has also pushed up prices on various automotive parts. That means consumers are seeing larger bills from their auto repair specialists, even when their exhaust doesn't require three people to install. Instead, many are choosing to sque

9For the OCD in you: Ownersite lets you track vehicle history to a tee

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/software/For_the_OCD_in_you_Ownersite_lets_you_track_vehicle_history_to_a_tee'; Before I owned the '99 Alero, there was the '94 Protege. I had a habit of keeping the receipt for every drop of gas I put in that car. They were all stuffed in the glove box with the intent that I would plot a nice graph showing the Protege's gas mileage over time when it came to sell. Well, the Protege died a sudden death, so the car was never sold and the receipts went in the tras

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