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A man in Portland plead not guilty this week to blocking traffic while impersonating a tree.


Florida, Maine, Colorado, and the Carolinas part of the expansion.

But will this help increase sales?


The 2016 Red Bull Frozen Rush, which puts 900-hp Pro 4 trucks in battle on the slopes of Maine's Sunday River Ski Resort, declares a winner after a lot of mayhem.


A man in Maine barely escaped a horrific car crash this week when an out-of-control SUV careened into his car while he was pumping gas.


Gerald Briggs drives a bus, just like hundreds if not thousands of people across the country. But unlike most bus drivers, the man who goes by the nickname of "Red" is a nonagenerian. That's right: he's 90 years old, and still drives a school bus, just as he has for the last 30 years and then some.


If speed kills, then the logical conclusion would be that police pulling over speeders are saving lives. Whether you accept that premise or not, however, one patrolman in Maine actually did save a man's life when he stopped him for breaking the speed limit.


A medical emergency didn't get one driver out of a warning for speeding

A man in Kennebunk, Maine says he's lucky he was pulled over for speeding this past weekend. The traffic stop likely saved his life.


If it can go in your gas tank, it's potentially controversial up in Maine. A few years ago, out-of-spec gas pumps were a problem. Today, the issue is the corn-based biofuel ethanol, which the state legislature is taking a strong stand against. Citing potential engine and environmental damages, Maine's state legislature has taken another step to potential rid itself of ethanol blends into its gasoline inventory.


Joe LoCicero's 23-year-old Honda Accord is still going strong

Starting in the tiny town of Norway, Maine, Joe LoCicero is planning an epic, cross-country trip this summer.


Maine is located in the upper northeast corner of the continental US, but the state is thinking throw itself smack-dab in the middle of the controversy involving sales of gasoline blends with higher percentages of corn-based ethanol. The Pine Tree State's Department of Environmental Protection is mulling over writing a bill that would ban public sales of gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol, the Bangor Daily News says.


Distracted mom had run stop sign in Maine accident

A six-month-old baby boy survived a horrific car accident last week in Maine, much to the relief of distraught onlookers and the boy's mother.


Just because Tesla Motors hasn't made a profit yet doesn't mean early buyers of its cars can't.


Police seek suspects after interior of Nissa Versa is damaged

Fireworks in the back seat of a car were once merely metaphor. At least one and possibly two vandals in Portland, Maine gave the phrase literal meaning last month, when they slipped what police believe was a Roman candle into the back seat of a parked car.


There's nothing quite like a parade in small-town America. The floats made by kids at the local high school. The middle school's marching band. The people on stilts. The new Honda.


Think you're paying too much at the pump? Perhaps you are – but not as much as those gassing up in Maine. No, the Pine Tree State doesn't have the highest gas prices in the land (that would still be Hawaii), but it does have a problem with out-of-spec gas pumps. According to state inspection officials, several stations have been found with multiple pumps delivering less fuel than customers are paying for, some of them so inaccurate that the agriculture department has had to order them imme


Some states have laid out the red carpet for the three-wheeled electric vehicles from ZAP! by offering rebates and issuing executive orders while some states are trying to pull the rug out from under owners by invalidating their registrations. This is now the case in Maine where Xebra owner, Tom Joyal, has received a letter from the state government telling him his little electric Xebra doesn't conform to the state's motor vehicle code and that they are revoking his registration. A spokesperson


One of the curses I've faced as a recording engineer is that the symphony of every day life drills itself through my skull. It can be quite distracting. People try to converse with you, and all you can focus on is the groovy rhythm coming from a rattly interior bit. Avant-garde musicians and composers have been attuned to the music life creates for many years. John Cage, for instance, wrote pieces that use big fans as an orchestral section. Cage's 4'33 would be the perfect cellphone ringtone, bu

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