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    Official: Royal Mail celebrates British Auto Legends with special stamp collection

    We love cars because they're fast and exciting. The postal service, not so much. But at least the mail is reliable, which is a lot more than you could say for most classic British cars, like the ones which the Royal Mail in Great Britain is celebrating with this special philatelic ...

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    Read This: 72-year-old mailman has America's longest route

    Bloomberg has an interesting read from Oklahoma, following the story of Jim Ed Bull, a postal worker with the longest route in the country – a staggering 187.6 miles. For reference, that's like driving from the far northern side of Detroit to the far eastern side of Cleveland every day just ...

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    Apple hearts Autoblog

    You may remember my giddiness last September when we learned that Autoblog had been seen on the jumbotron behind Steve Jobs in the latest keynote for Apple. While demoing some cool new stuff that Apple's Mail program would be able to do when the new OS comes out, one could see the subject of a few ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Rat Rod pimped postal carrier with poker table

    From the house of Winston Smith's Cool Guy Stuff comes this postal-issue jeep, fresh off the kind of arcane pimping that we come to expect from eBay. A Hot Indian Red 1983 AM General Jeep that was once a lowly carrier of New Jersey mail. A poker fan bought it, and his shop turned it into what you ...


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