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    Geneva: Magna MILA Coupic Concept is a shape-shifting convertible crossover pickup

    Please excuse us while we banish thoughts of David Letterman's hosting of Oscar night – Magna; MILA... Uma; Oprah – and instead focus on what this concept car brings to the table. This is the sixth MILA Concept from Magna-Steyr, the Austrian arm of Canadian auto parts giant Magna ...

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    Teased: Magna Steyr previews shape-shifting MILA Coupic concept for Geneva

    Magna Steyr may not be a name most consumers would recognize, but it is one of the biggest players in the auto industry. As a contract manufacturer, it has produced some 2.5 million vehicles across 21 different models, including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Aston Martin Rapide and Mini Countryman, ...

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    Report: Aston Martin cutting Rapide production amidst slow sales

    If you read the reports of Aston Martin shifting production of its Rapide from its Magna Steyr contract facility in Austria to its own plant in England, and wondered how the company could absorb another assembly line, we could have our answer right here. According to reports, Aston is preparing ...

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    Aston Martin shifting Rapide production from Magna Steyr to Gaydon

    Aston Martin may make more than sports cars these days, but sports cars are all that are built at its own facility. The Cygnet city car is built by Toyota (though trimmed out by Aston's own) and the Rapide is built by Magna Steyr on a dedicated assembly line. But that last bit is about to change ...

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    Saab Saga Update: Genii and Spyker pondering joint bid? Workers rally in Trollhätten, etc.

    Saab: A history in pictures – Click above for high-res gallery
    Despite the fact that the Detroit Auto Show put the focus back on General Motors' new products and pulled the spotlight away from the will-they/won't-they saga that is the Saab sale/wind-down, there are no shortage of ...

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    What Conflict? Mercedes awards SLS AMG body panel construction to Magna

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Magna International pulled a bold move when it declared its intention to buy Opel from General Motors, bridging the gap between component supplier and contract manufacturer on the one hand, to independent automaker on the other. ...

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    REPORT: Magna eyeing Saturn

    Magna tried and lost when Chrysler was for sale. Pulling a Marchionne, Magna's now trying to win GM Europe's Opel division for itself, and rumor is that Saturn is also on the shopping list. GM would get much-needed capital for the transactions, but it could also be facing its old properties as new ...

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    Geneva 2009: Magna Steyr Mila EV concept

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Magna Steyr Mila EV
    Like most other suppliers, Magna International and its contract manufacturing unit Magna Steyr are pushing hard to diversify into the area of hybrid and electric powertrain components and systems. In January at the Detroit Auto Show, ...

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    Geneva Preview: Magna Steyr unveils flexible Mila EV concept

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the Magna Steyr mila ev concept
    Amongst all of the various concept and production-ready vehicles that major automakers will unveil this week at the Geneva Motor Show is a new concept from auto supplier Magna Steyr called the mila ev. This electric machine ...

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    Porsche to move Cayman & Boxster production from Finland to Austria

    Click for a hi-res gallery of Porsche production in Finland Porsche has announced that production of its Boxster and Cayman models is to shift to component supplier Magna Steyr's facility in Austria beginning in 2012. Last year the contract with Finland's Valmet to assemble the two associated ...

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    BMW and Mercedes talk to Magna about Mila

    The Magna MILA Alpin concept car shown in Geneva has gotten the attention of both Mercedes and BMW. The button-cute 4-wheeler rode on a flexible platform, could utilize a variety of fuel sources, climb 45-degree angles, and get up to 120 mph. Those capabilities, and the ability to be easily ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Magna Steyr MILA Alpin concept

    Click above for more pics of the Magna Mila Alpin concept Three years ago, Magna Steyr debut what it called the Mila concept car -- Magna Innovation Lightweight Auto. Conceived as a pure driver's car, it was an environmentally-conscious single-seater that ran on natural gas up to 120 mph. Last year ...

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    GAZ unveils the Siber sedan, son of Sebring

    Click image for photo gallery of media pics and live shots from Auto.lenta.ruWell, it looks like somebody is going to be buying the Chrysler Sebring. We just got a tip that GAZ has bought the rights to build a modified version of the last-gen car for sale in Europe. Along with manufacturing help ...

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    Magna might build maxi MINI Colorado SUV

    Magna is making news all over. The latest effort from the Canadian auto supplier is aimed at getting BMW to let it build a MINI SUV. The SUV will be called the "Colorado," and could be the next step in MINI's increasingly grand line. As it is, the MINI is so popular that BMW can't squeeze ...

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    Two strikes for Magna this week, what next?

    Damon reported the other day that BMW has decided to shift production of the next generation X3 to their Spartanburg, SC plant. While that's good news for the employees in Spartanburg, it's the second big loss for Magna International this week. After losing out to Cerberus in the bidding for ...

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    Magna Steyr tapped to build more KTM X-Bows than expected

    click above image to view 113 images of the KTM X-BowWe just got word that KTM has decided to switch builders for its grown-up go-kart, the X-Bow. This 1,500-pound, 300-hp track day special is set to launch next February with an initial, special-edition run of 100 units. It was originally ...


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