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2Magna MILA Coupic Concept is a shape-shifting convertible crossover pickup

Please excuse us while we banish thoughts of David Letterman's hosting of Oscar night – Magna; MILA... Uma; Oprah – and instead focus on what this concept car brings to the table. This is the sixth MILA Concept from Magna-Steyr, the Austrian arm of Canadian auto parts giant Magna International, and it's meant to showcase the capabilities of the supplier.

9Magna Steyr previews shape-shifting MILA Coupic concept for Geneva

Magna Steyr may not be a name most consumers would recognize, but it is one of the biggest players in the auto industry. As a contract manufacturer, it has produced some 2.5 million vehicles across 21 different models, including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Aston Martin Rapide and Mini Countryman, to name just a few.

AddChina's Chery, Magna developing 3 compacts for Europe

Joint venture Chery Quantum Auto – owned by China's Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation – will reportedly export three compact vehicles to Europe in 2012. Austrian supplier Magna Steyr will be tasked with developing the vehicles, according to Financial Times Deutschland.

26Saab Saga Update: Genii and Spyker pondering joint bid? Workers rally in Trollhätten, etc.

Saab: A history in pictures – Click above for high-res gallery

7What Conflict? Mercedes awards SLS AMG body panel construction to Magna

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddMagna wants to build electric vehicles in Canada within 3 years

Magna Steyr Mila EV - Click image for high-res gallery

AddHybrid Volvo buses and trucks to use Magna Steyr batteries, A123 cells

It looks like Ford won't be the only company getting lithium ion battery packs from Magna International. The Magna Steyr division of the supplier announced last week that it will begin production of packs at its plant in Graz, Austria next month. The packs will be supplied to Volvo for use in its buses, heavy duty trucks and garbage trucks equipped with hybrid powertrains. Volvo uses a parallel hybrid system for its vehicles.

AddElectrification of vehicles will be key to Magna's future

Click the Focus EV "mule" for a high res gallery

18REPORT: Magna eyeing Saturn

Magna tried and lost when Chrysler was for sale. Pulling a Marchionne, Magna's now trying to win GM Europe's Opel division for itself, and rumor is that Saturn is also on the shopping list. GM would get much-needed capital for the transactions, but it could also be facing its old properties as new competition. Of course, coughing up the money might be difficult, considering Magna's taken a shellacking so far this year.

4Geneva 2009: Magna Steyr Mila EV concept

Click above for high-res gallery of the Magna Steyr Mila EV

AddGeneva 2009: Magna Steyr Mila EV concept

Click for a high res gallery of the Magna Steyr Mila EV

AddGeneva Preview: Magna debuts new EV concept

Click above for high-res image gallery of the Magna Steyr mila ev concept

9Geneva Preview: Magna Steyr unveils flexible Mila EV concept

Click above for high-res image gallery of the Magna Steyr mila ev concept

AddSuppliers bear heavy environmental responsibility

As vehicles get more and more complex, auto suppliers will need everything in their arsenal to win major contracts from automakers. According to an article on Just-Auto (sub. req'd), by the year 2012, automotive suppliers will bear more than half of the total research and development of a given automobile. What this means for suppliers is that they need to stay at the forefront in environmental technologies. Increasingly complex systems will be necessary for automobiles to meet stringent emissio

AddMagna International reportedly developing hybrid car

Those who follow the automotive industry closely are surely familiar with Magna International, one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world -- so large, in fact, that the company was actually in on the bidding to purchase Chrysler from Daimler last year. Now it seems that the global company is throwing its hat into the plug-in hybrid ring. Magna founder Frank Stronach says, "You don't have to be a great scientist to know that we're going to be out of oil sooner or later." The company is

11BMW and Mercedes talk to Magna about Mila

The Magna MILA Alpin concept car shown in Geneva has gotten the attention of both Mercedes and BMW. The button-cute 4-wheeler rode on a flexible platform, could utilize a variety of fuel sources, climb 45-degree angles, and get up to 120 mph. Those capabilities, and the ability to be easily rebodied and cost-effectively manufactured, have the two premium brands looking at ways to bolster their lineups and enviro-credentials.

AddMagna Steyr talking EVs with BMW, Mercedes

At the Geneva Motor Show earlier in March contract vehicle assembler Magna Steyr unveiled a concept for a small, lightweight off-roader called the Mila Alpin. The Mila Alpin was designed to accommodate a variety of different power-trains including hybrids and electric drives. According to German mag Auto Motor und Sport, they are now talking with both BMW and Mercedes about potentially using the Mila Alpin architecture to underpin new models from the German manufacturers. Since Magna doesn't pro

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