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30BMW M1 successor still on track, to be called M8

Automobile has taken a look into the medium-term future product plans of the German automakers, and one of the interesting nuggets is that BMW is still working on an M8. An updated BMW M1 has been a fantasy since the last of the 456 original M1s rolled off the line in 1981, and we're told that the coming M8 will finally be the proper successor.

27The BMW M8 that never was...

Unlike Mercedes-Benz which produces AMG badged versions of just about every model in its lineup, BMW has maintained greater exclusivity with the M badge. Until last year's launch of the X6 M and X5 M, there have only been four M models (not counting the M1), but one M got as far as prototyping and testing, but never produced: The M8.

32REPORT: More details on BMW's rumored M1(s)

BMW 1 Series Tii Concept - click above for high-res image gallery

26REPORT: BMW builds E34 M5 Convertible, keeps it secret for 20 long years

BMW E34 M5 Convertible - Click above image for high-res gallery

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