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    Report: BMW performance engineering boss wants an M7

    Audi has the S8, Mercedes has the S63 AMG and Jaguar has the XJR, but BMW has always held that an M7 wasn't justified, leaving its associated Alpina line to tackle that market with the B7 (pictured). The chief engineer at the M division, however, feels otherwise. Speaking to Autocar, the BMW M ...

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    Rumormill: BMW M750i and 728i may be launching next March

    Fresh off its mid-cycle update, the BMW 7 Series is once again the center of rumors, this time in the context of the new swath of M-branded vehicles that BMW is set to unleash upon the world. The rumor was dropped by German blog BimmerToday, and suggests that an M750i would join the ranks of the ...

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    Report: BMW copyrights 2 Series, X2, M7, M10, etc.

    BMW looks to be on something of a name-grabbing spree. The German automaker has reportedly trademarked a number of new vehicle names, including 2 Series, X2, M7 and M10 among others. Of course, just because a manufacturer lays claim to a name doesn't mean there's a production model around the ...

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    Report: BMW M7 talk picks up speed

    With Mercedes-Benz and Audi happy to slake the world's appetite for top-dollar, full-size luxury sports sedans through their AMG and S divisions, we can't help but wonder why it's taken so long for BMW to commit to an M7 model. For years, the sportiest 7 Series in the U.S. has been the Alpina ...

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    Report: BMW banking on carbon fiber costs to broaden M range

    There once was a time when BMW only produced a handful of its models in high-performance M guise. There was the M3, the M5, and that was pretty much it. Now, however, it offers M models based on the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, X5 and X6. And that's only expected to grow. The first on ...

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    Rumormill: BMW considering possibly, maybe making an M7, sort of

    Okay, so maybe this isn't much in the way of confirmation, but BMW M division president Friedrich Nitschke told Car and Driver that the company was "considering" building an M Performance version of the 7-Series. While that's not quite an M7, it's close. Remember, M Performance is the new ...

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    Review: 2011 BMW Alpina B7

    Alpina Delivers Its Best Impression Of An M7

    2011 BMW Alpina B7 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Try as it might, the BMW M3 Coupe can't lose the Alpina B7. The two of us are an unlikely automotive pair, playing cat-and-mouse on one long road to nowhere deep in the reaches of an ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW M7 prototype or 7 Series hybrid?

    BMW M7? - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    It seems like every 12 months rumors of an M variant of the BMW 7 Series surface, and this year things are no different. A decidedly aggressive looking 7 Series mule was caught testing in Germany with a slight power bulge tacked onto the hood and ...

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    Spy Shots: Is BMW working on an M7?

    Don't get us wrong; we've got no beef with enormously powerful luxury vehicles. In fact, we love 'em. But while Mercedes' AMG division has shoehorned their bestial power plants into all manner of vehicles big and small, BMW's Motorsport division has always drawn a line in the Bavarian sand. They'd ...

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    Spy Shots: Twin-turbo M5 and M7 prototypes

    Will the M5 get a twin-turbo and be joined by an M7? Mr. Lehmann and Co. have caught an M5 and a 7-Series with extra ventage. It's hypothesized that Audi has understated the RS6's pony count, telling the world it's 580 when it's actually 600. And now with both Mercedes and Audi outdoing the M in ...

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    Spy Shots: Twin-turbo V8 BMW 7-series at the 'Ring

    During a recent Bimmer-hunting expedition at the Nurburgring, ace photog Hans Lehmann was able to procure a shot of the engine bay of a development mule for the 2010 BMW 7-series. When inspecting the layout, he noticed two intercoolers, and the best guess now is that the V8 fitted to the new ...

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    2007 Chicago Auto Show: BMW Alpina B7 - An M7 in all but name

    BMW Alpina B7 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    They finally brought it out, so we covered it. Actually, we shouldn't sound so aloof. After announcing the BMW Alpina B7 way back in February of 2006, the Bavarians finally decided to show us the production version here in Chicago. And ...

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    BMW rumor mill: a smaller Roller? a bigger M-Series?

    The skies over Germany were full of trial balloons this week, as BMW chairman Helmut Panke has been teasing the German press with possible new products. In an interview with auto motor und sport (rough English translation here), Panke alludes to several possible new BMW models: an M7? An ...


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