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    Video: The BMW M5 "Bullet" commercial that's too good to miss

    Want to watch something strangely beautiful? We suggest the BMW M5 footage crafted by BMW of Canada in the video below. No scantily clad women, no overtly gratuitous tire smoke – just a 560-horsepower super sedan doing its best impression of a bullet. Shortly after getting "shot" out of a ...

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    Video: This is what 186 mph in a 2012 BMW M5 looks like

    By all accounts, the 2012 BMW M5 is nothing short of a mechanical miracle. With two fewer cylinders than the previous generation, the big bruiser manages to retain the acceleration and handling prowess that M buyers have come to expect. But where exactly can you use the full breadth of the ...

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    Video: 2012 BMW M5 tackles Laguna Seca

    A 2012 BMW M5 and free rein at California's legendary Laguna Seca circuit sounds like a near-perfect way to spend a day. BMW agrees with that line of thinking, and it was kind enough to bring a long a camera. Well, you could easily replace "kind" with "annoyingly torturous" since we aren't the ...

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    Video: BMW M5 gets sideways and leaves long trails of rubber

    Are you currently suffering from BMW M5 withdrawal? Autoblog is here to help, and we'd like to offer up a video that will allow you to cope while you wait for the production version of the newest M5 to be revealed. BMW is still testing and fine-tuning the F10 M5, but the German automaker has ...


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