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    Report: BMW copyrights 2 Series, X2, M7, M10, etc.

    BMW looks to be on something of a name-grabbing spree. The German automaker has reportedly trademarked a number of new vehicle names, including 2 Series, X2, M7 and M10 among others. Of course, just because a manufacturer lays claim to a name doesn't mean there's a production model around the ...

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    BMW M10 to challenge Audi R8 and Porsche 911

    The legend we had always known was that BMW and Mercedes-Benz had a gentleman's agreement in place not to go after the Porsche 911. For whatever reasons, building a proper two-seat sports car was out of the question, though both build heavier and more accomodating grand touring machines that manage ...

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    BMW M10 supercar from Racing Dynamics: Do they know something that we don't?

    Traditionally aftermarket tuners wait until the car is already on the market before they start planning how they're going to tweak it, but Italy's premier BMW tuning house Racing Dynamics is apparently staying ahead of the curve by releasing details of their intended mods for what they believe will ...


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