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luxury sales

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    Report: How BMW gamed its dealership system to sell more cars

    We've seen it before and we'll see it again, quite possibly before the end of the year: A luxury brand padding its numbers with questionable "sales." This time it's BMW, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, although there have been rumors of arch-rival Mercedes-Benz doing the same ...

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    Report: Audi narrowly beats BMW in April to take premium sales crown

    The global luxury war has three fierce combatants, all German, all producers of amazing vehicles, and all serious about besting their two other rivals. While BMW has been winning as of late, the latest battle goes to Audi. The Volkswagen luxury brand sold 125,200 vehicles in April, topping BMW's ...

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    The rich are affected: Luxury car sales declining

    Luxury car sales are off by at least one-third compared to last year's numbers, and the end is probably not in sight. In past recessions, the wealthy have been insulated by their money, but not this time. Real estate and banking are responsible for a large amount of the financial pickle we're in, ...


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