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According to research conducted by global information company IHS Automotive, the leporine birthing of new models by luxury manufacturers over the past six years hasn't increased their market share in the US. Even as car sales reached 15.6 million units, IHS says what's happened instead is that luxury buyers are merely moving from one brand to another, moving from larger luxury vehicles into hot segments like compact luxury crossovers or leaving the market at the same rate as other buyers enter.


If you visualize the US luxury-car market as a carton of a dozen eggs (some reporters perpetually have food on the brain), you can figure that one of the those eggs looks an awful lot like a Tesla Model S. At least, it does according to numbers from the Electrification Coalition, which studied US luxury-car sales over the first half of the year. The group pegged the battery electric's market share at 8.4 percent, Motley Fool reports. The Model S starts at $69,900 but can easily get up to $100,00

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